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    Quick picture before going out of town for the weekend.

    J.Crew Factory purple Gingham shirt

    Gap navy cotton sweater

    LEC chinos

    Timex Weekender watch with brown leather strap

    American Eagle navy peacoat

    Scarf is from Sierra Trading Post


      @Jessy: What kind of dressier shoes do you normally wear with khaki chinos? When they are modeled a lot of people use sneakers which I'm not a big fan of


        @zerostyle I like brown wingtips, but sometimes I wear brown leather/suede chukkas, depending on the outfit. Today I'm wearing my Sebago Hamilton wingtip boots, since it's raining.


          @bruschetta appreciate the comment. i think the lighting is bad, in actuality this suit isn't navy at all, rather it's a very light shade of blue.

          (P.S - how many people actually know what your sn really means? It's that tomato saucy stuff, right ? (at the risk of insulting some native europeans...))


            Bruschetta? Bruchetta is awesome - I make it as appetizers all the time.

            The food, not you know, the guy who posts here.


              heh i've had it once or twice... pretty good. My grandmother used to make it.


                Nothing too special but I wore this for a Grad School workshop at school yesterday:

                Sweater: Off brand from Macy's

                Shirt: J Crew Factory

                Pants: Dockers Alpha

                Shoes: JCP Stafford Wingtip boots (love these things)

                Watch: Skagen


                  @ Jessy and Pitt.

                  Those j crew factory shirts look great from a distance, and I really like the way they do their button-down collars, but how do they fit and how's the feel of the material?

                  I'm really tempted to grab a few (the price is definitely right), but I'm worried that I'll be spending money on shirts I won't want to wear.


                    Here we go...

                    Jacket: GAP - grey herringbone tweed

                    Shirt: Roundtree & Yorke - white/blue stripe poplin BDC

                    Tie: Neiman Marcus - blue/black plaid wool

                    Pants: Express - dark brown wool

                    Shoes: Stafford brown wingtip boots

                    For all the time I've spent on this site and all the jackets that have been worn in my various WIWT pics, this is the first one I have ever bought new. I've had new suits, but never a new sportcoat. It's very floppy so it's not very flattering in the harsh elevator light (unusual drape, IMO). It's a 40R, but I'm still a little undecided between it or a 41R that I also grabbed. In the elevator, it looks like it fits worse than it actually does.

                    Thoughts on the jacket? I would still need to bring up the sleeves, but I'm looking for opinions on the drape and the fit through the chest. Like I said, it doesn't FEEL uncomfortable. It's just so floppy that it looks like it's tighter than it actually is. I still have the 41R if I need to move up an inch. It's got a tad bit of collar gap, but not bad.


                      @Alan - personally I love the fit of that jacket as is. Seems a tad short but the collar and chest look great. As long as you get the sleeves taken care of - it's a winner.


                        @Ryan: Thanks for the feedback. It's a little short, but that's how it's made. It's supposed to look that way, FWIW.


                          Alan, it seems like theres a bit of pulling around the button, but other than that it fits great! I saw this jacket at the Gap but they didnt have my size. I really like it.


                            Alan, I think the jacket fits quite well, other than - as you mention - the arms being a little long. Though I've come to realize that I have a higher tolerance than many for relatively short jackets, so take that with a grain of salt. I'm not much of a fan of those kinds of pockets, but that's just a personal taste thing.


                              I think the fit looks good, and I like the color pairings. Per usual, I appreciate your ever-changing looks and trying new things!

                              FWIW, I almost bought this, but I just dislike a few elements - three buttons, the button loop on the lapel, the breast pocket.

                              From a strictly personal preference, this jacket was a potential buy, but looked to me like a jeans and boots with a sweater underneath only look. like i need to be outdoors to wear it.


                                Thanks, everyone, for the feedback. The pulling around the middle button is what I'm refering to, but it wouldn't be so obvious if the fabric was stiffer. I think I can live with it, though.

                                @j.r.: FWIW, this style of jacket is supposed to have more than two buttons because you can, in theory, button it all the way up. The same goes for the loop on the lapel. They cut some corners while trying to maintain the originally-intended look to keep the price down so there are some trade-offs. I would have prefered a plain breast pocket, too, but I can't argue with the price I paid.