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    Adding a few WIW's from the last week. Sorry if i take up alot of space here lol.

    Sweater: Thrifted (its starting to pill a bit, thank goodness for the pill brush.

    Jeans: LEC

    OCBD: Thom Browne

    Wheels: LL Bean Ranger Mocs

    Dress shirt: Polo Custom Fit (Marshalls)

    Tie: thrifted

    Waistcoat: thrifted

    Slacks:no name, TJ MAxx

    Wheels: Bostonian

    Went to JCP; while i was in the area visiting an audit site, to return the Stafford Boots, I just couldnt deal with the soles...

    Blazer: Calvin Klein

    Dressshirt: BR slim fit

    Tie: Thrifted GUcci (got it when i visited on of the more affluent town in MA.)

    Slacks: thrifted, a little more fuller than I am used to but i like then in the fall winter.

    Wheels: JCP Staffords

    Back in the Office

    Sweater: Gap

    OCBD: Izod

    Chinos: JCP, per Joes recommendation

    Wheels: LL bean Rangers

    Mont: Timex


    "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


      @MaxMan: Very consistent! Always looking good. I think it's because you keep it simple and focus on fit.

      @Lance: I never would have considerd that combo, but it works on you.


        @MaxMan 1st and last look are nice...simple and classic! Not feeling the vest in the 2nd outfit, appears to big & baggy. Jacket is too long in 3rd outfit.


        "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen


          @MaxMan - you have a recommendation for a pill brush?


            WIWY (What I Wore Yesterday:

            Pants: Banana Republic - grey tonal plaid

            Shirt: Roundtree & Yorke - blue/white stripe BDC

            Tie: Brooks Brothers - navy/grey wool

            Jacket: Hickey Freeman - blue/black micro diamond (thrifted)

            Shoes: Daniel Cremieux - chili split toe bluchers


              Didn't realize how shaky the pic was until I uploaded it...

              Pants: Banana Republic - tan cotton

              Shirt: Brooks Brothers - grey polo

              Jacket: Lands End Canvas - denim

              Shoes: Bass - brown venetians

              Watch: Fossil Walter - black strap

              Sunglass: Persol aviators


                @alan thans brotha...yea, I like to keep the fits consistent, and I live by keeping it simple stupid (KISS).

                @Sdot, thanks man. I dont beleive the jacket is too long, button stance is about half an inch lower than avg, passes cuff test and meets the slacks at the end of the drop and covers the rear. But to each thier own.

                @scramble will get the name when i get home this evening.

                BTW, @BenR, is the red OCBD chambray? I like the look, you remain the only guy I know who can successfully rock that belt! Cheers

                "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                  @Alan awesome fit...your tie & shoes are eye catching.

                  quick trivia question: whats the difference between an american repp tie and an english repp tie...Alans BB tie brought up the question

                  "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                    @Max: I had to cheat and look that one up. :-P I won't give away the answer.

                    I found the tie at Marshalls for $15 and the shoes are the oldest I own. I bought them 8 or so years ago, and they look like I bought them 8 months ago. Just recently had them shined, though.


                      @Max had to look that one up, interesting bit of trivia.


                        Yep, theres history behind every piece of a suit. A couple of years ago, I read dressing the man and andy gilchrist's encyclopedia of Menswear and learned tons of interesting things about the history and details of menswear. When i first started being interested in dressing better, i did what any auditor would, RESEARCH...

                        Bet now you guys will start looking at people's repp do it occasionally, usually when i like the tie, like alans.

                        "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                          @MaxMan - I am all about those LL Bean Rangers. In a perfect world, I could wear my 10inch bean boots all the time. Did you buy those full price? They just made the Christmas list...


                            @jr, I bought them last year, paid 40 bucks for them. Im in the bean boot camp as well! Those things are PERFECT. I like the low tops, but own the mid highs for this amazing new england weather...

                            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                              @ MaxMan - Those are all great looks! You always have great shoe/belt combos especially.

                              @ Alan - Still jealous of that denim jacket... always looks great.

                              Here's me, happy to be done with class for the week:

                              Thrifted jacket

                              Carhartt chambray shirt

                              Thrifted wool tie

                              Macy's tie bar

                              Montana Silversmiths buckle

                              Levi's 514 jeans

                              Same thrifted longwings as yesterday

                              I love this flamboyant, ivory-white tweed jacket I found last year, but always have a hard time putting it into a coherent outfit.



                                @BenR, I love the jacket. Not so sure on the shirt/jacket/tie combo but that jacket is rockin man. Also I love your commitment to both the belt buckle and those vintage longwings (no tongue in cheek, 100% serious)

                                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano