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    I never wear these jeans because they don't fit well, but I don't have the heart to toss them out. :-P


      First post on this part of the forum. Be gentle:

      Shirt: Bonobos

      Tie: Rooster (I got this last week from eBay. It's the widest knit tie I've ever seen and wide is not usually how I like my ties, but I'm kinda digging it anyway).

      Jacket: Chaps (another eBay purchase).

      Pants: J Crew wool Bedford (if I remember correctly).

      Shoes: Allen Edmonds (don't know the model name-scored these on Etsy).

      Pocket square: Kent Wang

      Watch: vintage (mid 1960s I think) Omega Seamaster DeVille (also eBay - gift from the wife a few years back).

      I left the house this morning thinking that my upper body is a pattern rich environment, but that I'd pulled it off. I trust you fellers'll tell me if that assessment is nuts.


        @ Shomas - I think the overall effect of the outfit is quite good, actually. The bold horizontal stripe on that tie isn't my favorite with the rest of those patterns - I think a solid knit might work better with this shirt and jacket combo. The knot looks a little big in proportion with your collar (I always have trouble getting the knots on a knit tie to look right).

        Jacket fit is spot-on. And I'm mad jelly of your vintage DeVille. It looks good on that NATO strap.

        @ Alan - You look like one badass dude with that tieless/sunglasses thing going on.



          I have a backlog of comments to post.

          scrambled potato, this outfit would work sans the jacket, and with the shirt tucked in. I like the jumper with the OCBD shirt.

          BB, I hope that you realize that we're starting to resemble each other. I like the jacket, tie, and shirt. The trousers are too casual for the top half and the shoes, in my opinion. What is that watch?

          Alan, I wish that I could pull off the sunglasses as well as you. Looking good.

          Shomas, I love the jacket, like the tie and trousers, and dislike the shoes and shirt. This outfit would have been much better with a solid shirt.


            Thanks for the feedback.

            @ BenR: I hear you re. knit tie knots. This thing is crazy wide and thick, so I'm happy I got it down to this size. My daughter kept referring to it as my scarf this morning. I actually got a solid navy in the same dimensions along with it - maybe I'll try it next time.

            @ Bruschetta: Yeah, the shirt was the one element that I was the least solid on (no pun intended, mostly).

            I'm particularly gratified that the jacket is getting thumbs-up. It was a very good deal and has undergone no tailoring. It was a little tight, but that was about 15 pounds ago.

            Thanks again for the input!


              Thanks everybody on the sunglasses. I wasn't sure about them for the price (even at 60% off), but they were just too nice to return. My wife thinks I'm crazy for owning sunglasses that expensive, but it's one of the few things I can wear almost every day and it's a fraction of the price compared to suits and shoes. She's just afraid I'm going to break them or lose them (which is a distinct possibility so I'm going to have to be careful).



                Your overall look is good (feeling a Madmen's Harry Crane vibe here), but I would replace the tie with a solid navy knit. One of Joe's best bits of advice is to avoid throwing a bunch of patterns together. I think the glenplaid of the jacket and the striped shirt can work together, but not with a horizontal striped tie thrown in. That tie would look very good with a blazer and solid light blue/white shirt though.


                  Thanks Jodhus. Point taken on the tie-I got a little aggressive on the patterns. It was worth a shot.

                  And I'll take the Harry Crane comparison as a compliment (maybe I should just go all out and put on a bowtie!), though I assure you that I am vastly cooler than he is.


                    @Shomas: looks good! Although I like the look of the less detailed pic making it seem like a plain blue shirt than the detail revealing all those patterns.


                      Acousticfoodie, the stool!


                        Acousticfoodie: Where are those shoes from? Look sweet.


                          @Devirk: Doh! I forgot to add the deets in my post! The Shoes are from Johnston & Murphy's Italy line. I think this is a discontinued model


                            (Fun, I'm following up Acousticfoodie. I bet this is how any band felt opening for the Beatles.)

                            Same outfit you guys hated earlier with a blazer swapped for the jacket. However, I worry the navy blazer + jeans combo isn't working since it's too much blue on blue. Thoughts? Swap out the jeans for camel chinos and the tan shoes for brown?


                              @scrambledpotato: I used to worry about the whole blue-on-blue thing, but I've got over it. I think it can be a good look so long as there's some distinction between the two. the overall look is working. Most importantly, you look comfortable in it. Good stuff.

                              @Acousticfoodie: Nice shoes! If I'm speaking honestly, the vest is a little too blue for my taste. Everything else looks great, though.


                                @Shomas agree with some of the comments above in regards to a solid shirt. Otherwise, looking dapper!

                                @Acousticfoodie not of fan of this outfit. Colors are all over the place IMO.

                                @scrambledpotato loving the blazer a LOT more than the pleather. This is a good fit

                                "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen