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    I don't typically wear stripes this heavy, but the shirt was clean. I've got 4 different patterns going on (5 if you count the socks), just because I can. Not a homerun, but not a strike-out, either.

    Gratuitous elevator pics:

    Suit: Hart Schaffner Marx - tan w/ blue highlights (thrifted)

    Shirt: Banana Republic - mint green w/ navy and green stripes

    Tie: Express - blue grey (inherited)

    Pocket Square: Merona - white w/ blue/black plaid

    Watch: Fossil

    Shoes: Stafford - wingtip boots

    Socks: Merona - DOG SOCKS!!!


      @Alan - looking good; I love the shape of the Staffords!


        Tie: Thrifted wool

        Shirt: LEC OCBD

        Cardigan: Target

        Jeans: Levi Signature (from Target)

        Watch: L.L. Bean field watch on Weekender strap

        Shoes: J&M Suede Brennans (as above)



          Gotta say that carridigan is legit. For Target, thats awesome.

          What we do in life echos throughout eternity.


            @Alan - dog socks? My wife brought home socks with Chocolate Labradors on them (we got one named Hershey - witty) and they are flipping awesome. I saved the tag because I'll probably buy more from them. Where'd you get yours?


              BenR- Is that cardigan still available?

              I recall looking at the online pics of that AND the OCBD you are wearing and didn't think they would look good, but i'm reconsidering that now.


                @scrambledpotato: Mine are from Target. They came out in spring. They're probably long gone by now, though.


                  Work outift - not the most interesting, but I'm fond of the sweater. Still have my ID badge on.

                  Including the infamous BR Bridge coat.

                  Coat: Banana Republic

                  Sweater: Banana Republic

                  Shirt: Ratio Clothing (alternate window pane pattern not available yet on their site)

                  Pants: Levi's 514

                  Watch: Seiko SNZG13

                  Shoes: JCPenney


                    That really is a fantastic looking coat... Have you tried it on over a blazer or suit jacket?


                      Ya that fit pic of the coat is giving me hope for the one I ordered. My in-laws are getting it from their US P.O box and bringing it for me on the 19th! Nice fit!


                        @Andrewski -- nice work, a good look that won't stand out too much (i.e., in the "LOOK AT ME!!!" way). I, too, ordered the Windowpane 2.0 and received it (yet to wear it, but soon), and was perplexed as to where it went when I checked back on their site. Was it only an email offer?


                          Another grind at work, cant wait for the weekend and its only Tuesday

                          SC-bought at consignment shop

                          shirt-CT sky puppytooth

                          belt- AE walnut basic dress belt

                          pants-Bonobos straight slim chinos

                          shoes- AE walnut Fifth Avenues

                          Just noticed my chinos are a little wrinkly. The top down view exaggerates it, but these need a pressing!


                            @Alan - I have not yet, just got the coat a few days ago. Will try that soon. It should be ok - it's a little tight in the arms, but nothing I need to take to a tailor.

                            @hornsup84 - Thanks! I didn't think so. I emailed Eric at ratio and he said they would be releasing the newer windowpane pattern in the next few days - this way back in August...


                              @Focus superb! Loving the blazer my man

                              "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen


                                Ty sir. I think I ended up getting it for ~$30 and again it was otr fit. I either get super lucky with the jackets i find or my bodytype is just so average most things are made for me!