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    @Jason, Ya I purchased that shirt from Nordstrom Rack, it Fits like a glove, no tailoring needed, very very trim on me. Its a size 16 fyi. I actually wore that shirt for my wedding earlier this year, I love to rock it with alot of different outfits. Cost was about 22 dollars from theRack.

    I to researched the brand after my purchase, and I was impressed with what I found! They have really nice shirts and blazers.I always look for the brand when I go to Nordstrom Rack. 100+ for their shirts online, or 22 bucks like mentioned above


      Wow... Yeah, I'd love to have a Nordstrom Rack nearby. I'm thinking tax return time may involve a visit to NYC for Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus LastCall, Century 21, and Suit Supply.


        Heh, where I love, all I have is a Nordstrom Rack, Macy*s (which is under stocked) and like a Patrick James. Oh also a Banana Republic which doesn't carry hardly anything for our area. We have a j. Crew for woman is that ? lol. Than, its just online : / . wish we had better department stores.

        All we can do is work with what we got right? hehe


          @Tat, poor guy, luckily you have an internet connection, but that must be the cause of alot of returns i bet?

          Today, back in the office after a nice an very warm (86 and 85, 82 respectively in Mass. over this long weekend) mini vacation. But now its back to regular October fall weather. Mother Nature is must be bi-polar...

          Sweater: Tarjay (bought this lasat two yrs ago i think and its holding up very well)

          Shirt: J Crew

          Watch: Fossil (gift from the wife)

          Belt: not shown (Bass suede)

          Chinos: Gap

          Wheels: Bass Choclate suede, resembles the pair i saw featured on Primer last week for the fall shoe showcase...i owned a few of those shoes...

          thoughts? pics 17-20

          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


            I dig those socks


              @MaxMan, nice combination. Like all of it really. I can't pull off red like that (it washes me out) so it's cool to see it used boldly.

              My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs


                I agree. Very nice. Love the shirt, sweater, sock combination.



                  Shirt: GAP

                  Tie: Banana Republic

                  Blazer: GAP

                  Jeans: Levi's 514

                  Shoes (not shown): Timberland moccasin, my pseudo-boat shoe

                  Watch (not shown): Seiko 5 on leather strap

                  The sleeves are a little long on the jacket (as you can probably see by the bunching). I'll need to get it tailored at some point, but the buttons are non-functional so it should be an easy fix. I was inspired by Jason's paisley tie yesterday, had to bust out one of my own.

                  @ MaxMan - I really like the colors you've got going on, especially how the red sweater picks up on the red stripes in the shirt and your socks. Very put-together.



                    I'm just about to walk out the door wearing a matching belt, shoes, and tie.

                    Is that a problem? They are all dark brown.




                      That probably isn't a look you want to cultivate. Maybe replace the belt and shoes? Wearing laced shoes with shorts is usually a mistake.


                        believe it or not, those are slip ons. My phone camera is pretty horrible. They were these:


                        either way, I think you're right. If I ever go back to that I'll either wear sneakers or maybe I'll just switch it up with a blue knit tie.


                          I was gonna say, I thought those shoes looked like loafers. I'm not a big fan of the sockless loafer/shorts look, but that's mostly a matter of taste, and I know there are plenty of stylish guys who dig it.

                          I think the outfit is on the right track, but it borders on looking like a prep school uniform with the shorts/tie combo and conservative color palette. If you're going to wear the outfit, you need to really own it - add in a bold tie rather than a conservative brown one, or some other strong accessory that really makes the look your own. Maybe wear a watch and a couple of leather bracelets on one wrist, if that's your kind of thing. I think the outfit just needs something to break up the uniform feeling.




                            Shirt: Thrift find at Goodwill

                            Jeans: LEC Heritage Straight Fit(Indigo Rinse)

                            Sweater: GAP Solid V-neck

                            Shoes: Stacy Adams Men's Tate Oxford(Brown)


                              @ aks - That tattersall shirt is an awesome thrift find.



                                I've been forgetting to take pics recently, so instead here's an outfit I wore earlier this fall when it was still quite warm:


                                Polo: Mossimo from Target

                                Henley: Eddie Bauer

                                Shorts: Calvin Klein from Costco

                                Belt: Nantucket from Sierra Trading Post

                                Shoes: Timberland

                                Watch: Casio Edifice

                                I expect to take some flak for the knee-length cargo shorts but I don't care.