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    Ah yes, the dreaded blowout stains...


      The Neiman Marcus trim-fits are the best value dress shirts I've found. Around $30 with's 40% discount offers. I have three of them (white herringbone, blue-and-white mini-houndstooth pictured above, and the pink stripe Joe featured in the pink post) and they've made the rest of my dress shirts obsolete.

      FWIW, the suit I pictured above is not a MTM (if I am correctly understanding "MTM" as "made to measure"). That's the off-the-rack fit of the Napoli for me (though I did size down from my usual jacket size).



        Brisk Morning...Pattern Mixing

        Jacket - Gap

        Shirt - T.M. Lewin

        Pants - BR Factory

        Belt - Macy's (forgot the brand; ripped the tag off)

        Socks - Cole Haan

        Shoes - Savile Row Co.

        "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen


          @BenR - Is that what SS calls their "Antra Pinstripe"? If so, I'd be curious to hear if you treat it more or less like a solid grey suit with regards to what occasions you wear it for and also, I suppose, what patterns you do or don't wear it with.

          I'm curious b/c I own the SS Antra Pinstripe myself and am a little unsure how to treat it in both respects. It's my nicest, best fitting suit, and, as your pics show, the pinstripes aren't visible unless you're up close, so I want to treat it like a solid grey suit. But I still worry, because of the pinstripes, about the potential for overdoing it w/ patterns, and whether or not it'd be appropriate to wear to my next job interview or the next funeral I have to attend.


            @ S_D - Yes, I basically treat it like a standard charcoal. The pinstripe wasn't really my first choice, but the Napoli in navy or charcoal pinstripe is the only suit that SuitSupply will sell as separates - necessary when you're a 36R with beefy legs like me.

            The pinstripe is subtle enough that you can wear the suit with almost any pattern, and it won't look too busy. My only recommendation is to steer clear of shirts and ties that also have very small, subtle patterns. Might look a little weird. I think wearing the suit with solids is a good idea, as well as with one solid and one bold pattern, or one subtle pattern and one bold pattern. Just make sure to mix things up so you're not wearing one uniform "visual texture."

            It may be difficult to tell from the picture, but I'm wearing the suit with a blue-and-white mini-houndstooth shirt and a bold-striped tie. The pinstripe and houndstooth are both small patterns but because they are very different shapes and colors, I think they can work together. Wearing a shirt with small stripes might not work so well.

            In a situation that called for the most conservative possible business attire (a formal interview or a funeral, for instance) I would probably pick a solid-colored suit rather than this one. But for anything else I think this works just as well.



              Trying out some things at a conference

              shirt: express 1mx

              tie: lec

              tie bar: tie bar 1 incher

              jeans: gap

              shoes: new to me elgins


                Thanks a lot for your thoughts, Ben.

                Because I'm not a big dude (also a 36R in SS), when I buy patterned shirts I try to keep my patterns on the small side. But I agree that your houndstooth is working in that photo, so maybe I'll give a pattern a try next time I wear the suit. To this point, I've stuck to solid shirts only and incorporated patterns elsewhere.

                I've been treating my Antra more or less as a solid grey, also. The suit is such an improvement in quality and fit over what I previously had that I'm tempted to wear it even to an interview or funeral (though thankfully haven't had the need for either since I've owned it). But I worry that doing so would make me feel extremely self-conscious about the inappropriateness of the pinstripes. And I don't have the budget to buy another decent suit for awhile.

                It's funny. Buying this suit is what got me into men's style. And considering how little I knew then, I think I did pretty well to discover and decide on SS (hadn't even discovered Dappered yet). And I've made very few mistake purchases (and all for <$20) since I bought the suit. But why oh why did I opt for the pinstripe, however subtle it may be?


                  @ S_D - Keep in mind that just because a very subtle pinstripe like this may not be the "ideal" interview/funeral suit, doesn't mean it's wrong for those situations. In an ideal world we would all own the perfect outfit for every occasion, but in reality, we usually end up compromising on most things in one way or another. On the scale of compromise, wearing a subtly-patterned suit rather than a solid one seems pretty mild to me.

                  I guess what I'm trying to say is, given the choice, I'd pick a solid-colored suit for the sake of convention. If the pinstripe was my only suit, though, I wouldn't hesitate to wear it. It's a good-looking, high-quality suit and still very conservative.

                  And on the bright side, it looks like pinstripes are coming back into fashion after being relatively maligned in recent years.



                    A casual day; a day off. I'm trying out the "full body mirror photo" trick that you guys are using.

                    White spread collar shirt.

                    Dark green V neck lambswool jumper.

                    Navy trousers.

                    (Not pictured) Brown AE McNeils.

                    Blue knit silk tie.

                    (Not pictured) Silver tie bar.

                    Brass collar stays.

                    It's damn hard to tie a knit silk tie. I can tie a regular tie in my sleep, but this one was a bit of an exercise in dexterity.


                      @bruschetta Really like the color of the sweater. Green isn't a color I see often.




                          Jacket: Lauren Ralph Lauren Camel Hair, thrifted

                          Target shirt

                          Thrifted cashmere tie

                          J Crew cords (on clearance this summer)

                          AE Elgins

                          Headed off to San Francisco for a wedding tomorrow. See you all next week.

                          Bruschetta, looks good as always. I appreciate that you wear navy odd trousers -- it makes me feel like it's ok to do that after reading elsewhere that it was verboten. I think they look just as good as grey trousers much of the time. Also, I agree that tying knit ties is difficult -- but after a couple of weeks I got the hang of it. Cheaper ones, like TieBar ties, will come loose fairly frequently, too. But they look great.

                          Xxerexx, I like the tie and the shoes very much. I'm not a fan of lavender shirts, but that's just personal taste. An unstructured jacket would make this look even better. Another bit of personal taste: if I'm wearing a shirt and tie but no coat, I like to roll up my sleeves. I think it makes one look less like a coat was left behind.

                          Sdot, I like your business casual look. Not trying to overdress, but you're definitely not just fitting in.

                          BJ, I'm usually not that big on loafers, but dude, you pull that off well. Makes me consider looking for some on ebay.


                            Jessy & Johdus, Thank you.

                            BB, I like navy trousers. Heavier (gabardine) navy wool, lighter weight 8oz wool, and a few odd cotton trousers are staples. I will say that I have an equal number of variations of grey, and grey flannel is probably more versatile for my climate (Scotland).


                              Nice looks BB and bruschetta! I conceded to the cold and busted out the tweed Max this ones for you! Busted out the LE colourful shirt. I really like how it works with the colourful flecks in my tweed jacket.

                              Tweed Sportcoat-Harris Tweed (ebay)


                              sweater-unbranded italian wool

                              pants-LEC chinos

                              belt-Tristan & Amerika

                              shoes-LE black wingtips (my bad weather shoe)


                                Sound advice, Ben. Thanks again. I have a couple of old solid suits I could theoretically wear, but now that I have a bit of knowledge about fit, etc., in my mind the SS Antra is basically the only wearable suit I own.