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    Thanks! Ya, I had an issue with a spill on my white barrel cuff shirt It went from white to Starbucks Earl Grey colour. My hand was forced haha.

    Also, BB, nice contributions! And Alan, your fit is always spot on, glad to see your elevator pics back again! Ben, im liking the layering!


      Oh, Alan, I mistyped my critique earlier -- I was suggesting a richer colored tie, not shirt. I like the shirt very much. Like you, I don't have many (or any?) dark collared shirts. But a navy tie would be something I'd go for before the pale green along with the lighter brown suit. I may be misinterpreting those colors, though. I have a couple of lighter jackets for summer-ish temperatures, and I prefer wearing navy pants with them in order to tone it down.


        Focuspants, nice suit. the glen plaid is great. Love the tie, too. Is that a Nicky knot? I use those too now, thanks to Nicholas.


          @ JEH - The watch is the SNDC33. $118 on Amazon, though I got it a bit cheaper from Jomashop when they had a flash sale a little while ago.

          The strap is a Hirsch Forest. Surprisingly, it's not as widely available as some of Hirsch's other straps, even though I think it's one of the most versatile straps around. CountyComm sells a similar, but thicker-looking, Maratac strap for a good price.



            Yup it is! Thanks. The suit is actually the OTR fit, minus bringing the sleeves up just under 1/2". I was amazed at how well it fit my build. I think those BarIII slim fits are my go to from now on. I got it for ~$205 at Macys in Buffalo. Not only that, but I save the ~$50-$75 I usually spend on tailoring. My only qualms is with the button stitching being kind of flimsy, but that is easily fixable for under $10.

            Do you have a link to the tie you posted above, I really like it!


              You can fix buttons yourself, too, for free! Sewing buttons is actually very easy. I found a youtube video and figured it out from there.

              Oh, and if you're asking about my tie, it's <a>here.</a>

              Or perhaps you were asking about the giant image of the red tie above -- that's from The Knottery (


                Nice to see regular postings on the WIWT now!

                Shirt: JC

                Cardigan: ON

                Jacket: J&G

                Jeans: LEC

                Shoes: JM


                  Wore this to a funeral the other day (excuse the awful photo quality)

                  Suit: J Crew Factory Thompson in Navy (Jacket OTR, but pants are tailored)

                  Shirt: Banana Republic Slim Fit Stretch Dress Shirt

                  Tie: The Knottery (charcoal linen)

                  Shoes: AE McAllisters in black

                  I know it's not black but the only black suit I have is from Mens Wearhouse and doesn't fit me at all. I'd rather be well dressed in a slightly less traditional color than poorly dressed in traditional garb. Also, have you seen what most people wear to funerals these days? Awful.


                    @BJ: I think any dark suit is probably a fine funeral choice. I don't even own a black suit and my grey suit is striped, so if I had to attend a funeral tomorrow, I would be wearing navy, too.


                      i'm wearing:

                      johnston murphy runnel chukkas, black.

                      grey/black argyle socks

                      bonobos gray dogs gingham lining

                      black belt

                      dark gray banana republic t-shirt

                      lands end canvas inky blue cardigan

                      timex from groupon, red/gray strap


                        Great out fits everyone! Still pretty jealous you guys

                        can layer now. I'm in AZ and it still is in the 90's.


                          i'm in atlanta, but we got hit by a cool spell. should be back to upper 70s by weekend.


                            Yeah a cold front blew through Texas over the weekend so I finally got to bust out some layering. Wore khakis, blue OCBD, gray cardigan and navy blazer to church yesterday but forgot to take pics. Might put the ensemble back together just to snap a photo though.


                              I got to wear my grey tonal plaid bridge coat today. I never knew what to call it until people pointed out the camel one from BR. :-)


                                Mr. Mr., a cool spell? I walked outside and could see my breath this morning! Viva la Atlanta cold snap.

                                BB - Gilles Deleuze is your favorite philosopher? Are you big on critical theory?

                                /post not apropos at all to clothing