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    @bruschetta: You've gotta keep up your contributions! Otherwise, my similar contributions will look even more out of place. :-) And I can't wait til it's cool enough here to start wearing my own sweaters again. A cold front will move in this weekend.


      My first WIWT. Please excuse the photo quality, I tried to crop out most of the men's room shot.

      Shirt - Express Extra Slim Fit

      Tie - BR

      Jeans - BR vintage straight

      Wingtips - Cole Hann



          Love those pants BB...

          Great look brushetta

          "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius


            I really gotta get a better camera phone... :-P

            Shoes: Florshein Veblen

            Pants: LEC chinos - navy

            Shirt: Banana Republic - white/blue tattersal

            Tie: Brooks Brothers - navy/grey stripes (wool)

            Jacket: Brooks Brothers 346 - brown herringbone

            ... and you can't see 'em, but I'm rocking my dog socks today. :-)


              @Matty - Not bad! There are a few things I don't like about it: the tie choice itself is not a great one, the day-glo orange is not attractive. The tie knot is far too large and therefore causes the tie itself to be too short, go for a Four-In-Hand instead and get the bottom of the blade to your belt buckle. Speaking of your belt buckle, is that a western-style belt? I'm not a fan of that.

              That having been said, I approve of the shoes and think your jeans fit you well.


                @Alan - I really like the tie choice and the knot. Your scowl is intimidating.


                  Unfortunately, that scowl is how I always look. :-S


                    CJJ, I think that the Fitzgerald could work for you. It's billed as slim, but the fit on me is pretty boxy. I would try it on in the store as the sizing can differ from one blazer to another. Keep in mind that I'm thin, but not Jessy/nicholascrawford/BenR thin.

                    Jessy, Thank you. The sweater's an expensive £15 wool jumper from Uniqlo.

                    BB, Well, shucks! In return, I'll keep trying to nick more casual styles from you guys.

                    Alan, every day is sweater day here. Don't feel jealous: we may have sweaters, but you have the women in sun dresses. PS: I could wear the exact same outfit that you posted today using what I have in my wardrobe. Are you in my mind?

                    matty_ob, Good outfit other than the tie. The tie is ugly, and the tie knot is poorly done.

                    Sigtweed Corduroy, thank you.


                      @Kenneth Thanks for the feedback. The tie isn't nearly as orange in real life, it actually is much closer to the color of my shoes, but it's my phone in a men's room so... the belt is A&F circa 1996 not my first choice, but I just broke the loop on my JCrew htat matches these shoes.



                        I've been reluctant to post them

                        You post away. My style goal is to be traditional and conservative. Always helps to have a high benchmark!


                          @BB and Bruschetta,thanks for the replies. The coat I am looking at is a 46L so it might work. I will review the measurements carefully and compare to my best "slim" fitting coat. Thanks again men.


                            I think this one came out pretty well

                            shirt: brooks brothers slim fit

                            pants: brooks brothers garment dyed chinos

                            shoes: strands


                              @ xxerexx: Those Strands wouldn't happen to be 12D's, would they? If so, I'll give you $20 for them. I swear it's a good deal!


                                LOL, they're 9Ds so I think they'd be a bit of a tight fit :P. I saw the brown calfskin version in person the other day at a local shoe shop, it's even more awesome. Time to save up for it and wait for a sale. If only the cordovan version would get cheaper than $500 new