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    LOL @Bruschetta. Oddly I haven't even had a chance to wear the blazer yet because it's been so hot & humid here in DC. Kind of looking forward to the fall so I can start dressing up again.

    What dress shirt is that? That's a pretty nice fit if it's off the rack.

    I always have a problem, even on trimmer fit shirts, with some bunching/billowing at the waistline.


      Wow bringing up the shirt stays lol. I had a big laugh. When I was in the Air Force going through basic training we had to use shirt stays for our blues uniform. They did work and kept the shirt tucked in but they were a pain depending on which style you used. The type that connects to your socks could snap off and spring up lol.


        Indo suit and tie, Paul Smith pocket square, Neiman trim fit spread collar shirt, stone cuff links from my wifes Grandfather.

        My cocktail videos >


          Fantastic colors there tdig, absolutely perfect.


            If you get a chance, post a pic of the deetail on those links -- they look fantastic.


              I had a project interview at my b-school this past week. Since my wardrobe and funds are limited, I'm combing pieces I've worn before with some that get seldom wear.

              Shirt: Banana Republic (thrifted)

              Tie: Geoffrey Beene

              Vest: Stafford

              Pants: Navy H&M slim cut

              Shoes: Magnanni (the shoes are lighter in color than seen in the photo; they match the belt)


                tdig, I like the color combination of the suit, shirt, and tie. The cufflinks are great. The pocket square doesn't work with the tie. What's the watch?

                Julio, forgive me: this is not a good outfit. It highly resembles the outfit of a hotel bellhop or a restaurant busboy. The tie is too light to add contrast to the shirt. The vest just does not work. You might improve this look by wearing a dark tie, no vest, and a sweater and/or jacket. Please don't be offended by this criticism. The fit of your clothes, although not my style, is very good. I'm envious of how well the ensemble fits.


                  No worries, I welcome all criticism as I'm still new to all this. Thanks for the advice.


                    I agree with bruschetta, ties that are lighter than the shirt rarely work well.



                        tdig - I dig it. =)

                        Julio - I would agree with bruschetta and say that while it's not *bad*, it could be better. Sometimes low contrast outfit are just fine. But having subtle contrast adds a lot of interest.


                          A night out on Haight Street.

                          Blazer - Uniqlo

                          Shirt - Ratio windowpane

                          Tie - Rooster (Nordstrom Rack?)

                          Pants - Levi 514

                          Shoes - AE McAllister in burgundy

                          A $195 outfit altogether.


                            Is that the famous Uniqlo linen blazer? The fit is great on you, except that the sleeves look a bit short (a problem with which I'm sure you are entirely unfamiliar). Could just be that they've shortened up a bit from natural linen wrinkling, though.

                            I was actually dressed very casually for most of the day (blue henley, olive green shorts, Chaco flip flops) but this afternoon I got dressed up for a cheesy headshot.

                            Shirt - Neiman Marcus

                            Tie - Brooks Brothers (thrifted)

                            Jacket - Bonobos linen

                            Not shown - Levi's 514 jeans, awesome Western belt buckle, Fratelli Rossetti wingtips, Wenger GST Chrono watch



                              Lol, nicholascrawford, you wore that to haight street??? I can't even imagine how sorely you stood out (in a good way)

                              @BenR, that's a great look. Also, you should wear a teal tie dude, it would be the bomb with your eye color.


                                nicholascrawford, looking good, and I like the backdrop! Nice pairing of the tie with the navy trousers + white shirt.

                                BenR, there's the BenR standard that we've come to know and expect! This looks so much better than the western wear look. I vote for this BenR 24x7.