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New Lands End slim suits

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    New Lands End slim suits

    Just saw these 2 advertised in the latest catalog:

    Lands' End Wexford Suit

    Lands' End Attwood Suit

    Anyone know anything about these or try them on? A search on LE turns up some suits, but not labeled with those terms.

    With the endless coupons and promotions LE runs, these could possibly be a good option in the future for an inexpensive suit.



    I haven't seen anything. What type of fabric/style did they appear to be? I am wanting to but a Tweed/Flannel lined suit. While LL Bean Signature usually a couple of options, the pants have to high of a rise for my taste.



      The curved breast patch pocket on the Attwood is hideous. What a shame. I guess if you needed an ultra casual suit for fall you could make it work, maybe in the Glen Plaid.

      Somatic: I don't know where in the world you are, but Uniqlo just released a couple of flannel suits, you should check them out if you can.



        @ChrisW. Thanks for the heads up. I don't live in NYC but have been considering giving SuddenLee a try.

        Two quick questions about Uniqlo.

        1. I'm a 38" chest, 29". Would a small fit okay? (basically it is true to size).

        2. Is it just the pictures, or it the button stance a little high?



          The breast pockets on the new LE jackets are terrible. Not surprising that in the nice printed ad I got in the mail the models were positioned so those pockets weren't very visible. The suits looked good, but then when I saw more photos on the website I thought "No way."

          @somaticmarker1 - I'm 38" chest but much bigger waist (33") and Uniqlo M jackets fit me well, though in one case I had the sides taken in and in all cases I've had to have the sleeves shortened.

          I have one jacket with "slim fit" in the name and it fit perfectly OTR except for the sleeves. This is Uniqlo in the US - not sure if the product sold in the UK is the same.



            The suits had so much potential. Why the patch pockets? WHY?



              Anyone have pics of these? Google isn't helping, and now I'm curious about these breast pockets!



                @Deke - Google Land's End then browse through to suits & blazers. They're at the top of the page.



                  I'd kill for a patch-pocket suit in a hard-wearing wool like that. Think of the versatility! Jacket becomes a blazer for wool trousers or chinos, but fabric still fine enough to be dressed up substantially for all other purposes.

                  Nothing from LE will ever fit me, though.