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What's your 'Screw Your Rules' item?

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    What's your 'Screw Your Rules' item?

    I think we all have that item we wear despite the fact it's something we shouldn't. My buddy wears suits to work as a high school teacher because he wants to be professional, but he always has on running shoes (dude does 5k races as warm-ups). He knows it's not the best combination, but he feels comfortable in them. Especially standing all day.

    Mine is my Hard Rock Cafe bahamas shirt (not mine, but same one):

    It's a size too big, the logo is worn to hell and looks 'vintage' only because I keep in rotation - it was the last gift my grandma ever gave me before she passed. She took a trip to the Bahamas with a friend and got me this. And I'll wear it until either the shirt or I turn to dust. I wear it layered, by itself; everything else about my outfit is fitted and pulled together, except for this one shirt when I wear it.

    So, if it's a guilty pleasure or something you wear with pride, I want to know what you wear that we know we shouldn't. Where's the fun in the rules if you're not breaking them?


    Usually after quite a few drinks my rules about women are tossed, does that count?

    I do wear hats(caps) with more casual polo's, which may not be appropriate due to the collar but meh.

    Also have worn socks with sandals a lot(non flip flops) because when my feet get sweaty they can slip a bit. Can't wear the ones that go between your toe...those are the most painful inventions ever, what sick SOB though those up. <---I have a pair of Croc sandals I paid like $30 for and I won't wear because they hurt and don't stay on



      My worst style faux pas occur in winter when I go into full-on mountain man mode, usually when spending time with my dad and my brother.

      For example, we do quite a bit of shooting. Since our range is outdoors and we aren't deterred by temps ranging from -20F to +30F, style isn't usually a primary concern. A couple of my favorite unstylish items are my Carhartt arctic vest and my Schnee's pac boots.

      When it's REALLY cold out (-20F and below), my favorite thing to wear is a 15-year-old L.L. Bean down parka (basically the same as the current Baxter State parka, but with a fur ruff). Looks awful, feels like a warm hug when your snot is frozen solid.

      I also tend to wear a lot of blaze orange in late fall/early winter. Not because I personally do any hunting, but because elk season lasts into December and there are a lot of dangerously overenthusiastic hunters out there, especially as the season starts drawing to an end and people get anxious to use up their tags. My favorite snowshoeing and X-C skiing spots are places I've got to share with hunters.





        And while I tend to mainly stick with sport/dress shirts, I also have a soft spot for graphic tees from random restaurants/businesses that I come across on vacations.



          - Nikes (particularly Air Maxes, new and retro)

          - Coats

          - Watches

          - non clothes items would be tech toys, especially Apple stuff.



            Most menswear rules say that closed-laced oxfords are too formal for anything other than a suit, but I've got some deep brown wholecuts (Tramezza) that I wear every other day with just about anything from trousers to chinos and jeans. I think they may even be more versatile than open-laced bluchers.



              For temperatures reaching -20F, I think you're allowed to break any and all style rules. At that temp, "screw you" is in full effect.

              For me, I can wear my Levis trucker jacket with everything, shirt and tie included. I'm often tempted to wear it with jeans (canadian tuxedo), but I've been holding off for the time being.



                These've been my summer shoes...suck it.




                  @greatish: I think the whole balmoral vs blucher thing is pretty ridiculous. 99% of people will have no idea that closed lacing is more formal than open lacing.

                  Additionally, shoe makers are making very casual shoes with closed lacing now (for example, all of the new allen edmonds on the 5 last such as the McTavish, Elgin, etc)



                    Even though they have a bad reputation on style sites, I still love wearing my brown leather Birkenstocks in the summer. For winter, last year I bought the Patagonia Down Sweater in brown and I absolutely love it. Super lightweight and super warm: