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which ratio shirt?

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    which ratio shirt?

    fellas -

    i picked up one of those $98 for $60 ratio clothing deals and am not sure which shirt to get. i was originally thinking the light blue but ended up getting a shirt from lands end that fits really well. i figure i could get another white shirt from lands end so no need for that. i'm looking to not spend more than the original $60. maybe one of these?


    I've focused on getting two different white shirts from Ratio and the windowpane. I wear them all the time, and no one will notice. I like that. And I like that the shirts I wear most are the shirts that fit me the best.

    So...I would encourage reversing strategies to get the plain colors/patterns from Ratio that will work with any outfit while getting the colors and patterns on sale elsewhere for $20-$30.



      I have a little bit of addition. I have the windowpane, blue campus oxford, blue candy stripe oxford, white oxford, light blue gingham, and white classic pinpoint.



        Those are all staples. I'm basically using what you bought as a checklist. =D



          ah, good point on the basics nc. and thanks for that list frost - quite a collection you have there!

          i was going to get the blue windowpane but unfortunately it's no longer available. and the white pinpoint is only $89 so the voucher won't work there.



            looks like my procrastination was actually a good thing - ratio clothing has the blue windowpane back in stock but its labeled the "blue windowpane pinpoint 2.0"



              Definitely go for staples, and I'd say go for oxfords last. That's just personal preference, but they're rougher and more casual in appearance, so I don't mind quite as much if they're a tiny bit off. Here's the order I'm grabbing them in (IT'LL HAPPEN SOMEDAY, SHUSH!):

              1. White Twill

              2. White Pinpoint

              3. Light Blue Pinpoint

              4. Lavender Pinpoint

              5. Dark Blue Houndstoooth

              6. Blue Bold Stripe

              7. Pink Pinpoint

              8. Light Blue Ground Stipe

              9. Light Blue Gingham

              And, personally, I'm getting them in spread collars with no pockets and no vents.



                nice hon - just ordered the windowpane with semispread, no pocket, centerback vent, mitred cuffs, and standard placket. not gonna lie, kind of excited about it.



                  That sounds really awesome - let me know how you like the new windowpane, it looks really solid. (Also, I'm curious about their mitred cuffs...)



                    It too costly T shirt.