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Suit Question - Help Needed

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    Suit Question - Help Needed

    Hey Guys,

    So I am going to a wedding this October, and it is going to be a decently formal wedding.

    I need to purchase a new suit and was looking for some advice on what COLOR to get. I was thinking Navy blue. I would also like a suit that I can wear to many different functions as well... something versatile.

    Any thoughts?



    The most versatile colors you can buy are navy and charcoal.



      Navy of a fine fabric and a conservative cut (i.e., no super-skinny lapels, no short-cropped jacket). You can wear it to pretty much anything.



        I'll echo the sentiments above, can't go wrong with Navy or Gray.

        Now this is splitting serious hairs here but I think, depending on what type of events/occasions you'll be going to after, navy might be a little bit more business-y where as gray, while equally business oriented, might be a little more versatile when it comes to what sorts of shirts and ties you can pair with it for an evening type of look.

        But again, serious hair splitting...

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