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Need a shirt: the last piece

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    Need a shirt: the last piece

    Alright, I've got my outfit for a wedding in a few weeks almost done, but I still need a shirt, and for the life of me can't think of the right color/pattern. So I've got:

    Navy jacket (borderline black)

    Medium gray suit pants (with a faint black windowpane pattern)

    Black oxfords/leather belt

    The jacket and pants look great together, but all I have are white and blue shirts that just don't work with it.

    Any suggestions?


    White and light blue don't work? Well, how about some kind of purple ?



      What's going wrong?

      a white (and again) or officer blue shirt usually looks great with that combination.

      Pass on a solid tie to avoid looking like a security guard.



        Hmm, I guess it's the tie that completes it. I was trying it out without the tie and it just seemed off. I'll try out some of my ties and see if that does the trick.



          Blank Label or Modern Tailor. Get a perfectly fitted and custom shirt for under $100, heck even under $75 in some cases.