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Cardigans for a College Kid

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    Cardigans for a College Kid

    Hey everyone,

    I have recently taken a liking to cardigans and was looking to add a few to my wardrobe. I am particularly fond of (but not limiting myself to) shawl collars. I have one navy shawl collar cardigan from H&M that is pretty lightweight. I was thinking of getting a heavier one in a nice burgundy/dark red as well as one or two in black or charcoal. Do you guys have any recommendations? I am a college kid, so I hope to keep the costs reasonable.

    For the burgundy I was looking at a few from LEC but the only one that still offers my size (Small) is this: H=IDX_Men-_-Tops-_-Sweaters

    Again, I much appreciate any suggestions.


    #2 H=canvas-search-_-cardigan&origin=search

    I like this one.



      "Again, I much appreciate any suggestions."

      I have a suggestion, but not for you. LEC, find a less creepy model for that otherwise perfectly fine cardigan. The pictures of him in the navy one send a shiver down my spine.

      That said, I have the shaker shawl cardigan that cannon mentioned and I like it quite well.



        LOL I thought the same thing, he would look perfectly normal if he lost the glasses, the awkward smile, and the creepy shrug as if he's saying "oh you're only 14? My mistake".



          Go for the LEC cardigan. Free returns to any Sears makes it virtually non-risk. Be sure to look for a free shipping code; there is always one floating around the interwebz.

          Old Navy came out with some nice looking sweaters and cardigans for the fall. Wait for a 30%-40% off coupon and combine that with whatever sale they've got.

          Will keep an eye out for ya...