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Need some help - shoe exchange

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    Need some help - shoe exchange

    Hey everybody - thanks for the kind responses to my first post a couple of weeks ago. I appreciate the comments on this forum.

    So I'm in a slight pickle with some shoes. Back in March I purchased two pair of Florsheim Imperial Willett's ( I know, I know - not for everyone. But I need a pair of black and a pair of brown and these look pretty dang good on my foot.

    Long story short, they've been squeaking - basically since the day I owned them. I just hadn't gotten around to trying to get them checked out. So ends up that I need to send them back. I can't replace them though b/c they're OOS. So I'm looking at some other shoes and wondered if I should exchange for a black and brown pair of Marlton's ( or if I should look at only getting the Kenmoor in brown (

    Thanks for the thoughts and opinions all!

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