When a team to the end of training camp, returned to the Netherlands, Adriana the Ansai finally wait until a message to make him happy. He has been promising young Dutch attacking midfielder Robin van Persie officially on loan to Volendam until the end of this season.

Deal Adriana Ansai strive to use of private relations, but for the club Feyenoord, they are eager to get rid of this burden, this troublemaker.

Royce for Van Persie evaluation only one sentence: "full variables genius." Means that this rebellious players likely to be, cheap jerseys wholesale?because of the character of reasons, such as Cruyff stunning genius, but also very Probably this sink.

Expressed dissatisfaction the coach Fanma Wake, once declared: "In here (Feyenoord), they never put me as a player look, I should get a lot of pleasure to play here, but I do not!" by Dutch media as "extremely difficult to deal with people. Robin van Persie has do not care how people look at him, he just happily kicking, but this did not meet the requirements in the Feyenoord. And the coach Fanma Weick's relationship has incompatible, he basically lost the game in the first team, the only representative of Feyenoord reserve team and youth team game. This is a body approved the Dutch Olympic team number 10 shirt, is difficult to accept, not to mention that he also had at the end of 2002 was named Dutch super-Rookie of the Year.

But for good to explore and train young players Adrian Ansai, Van Persie talent manifested clearly than his character more appealing. Moreover, he condemned in Feyenoord does not mean the key to Volendam, Adriana Ansai know the problem, but also know how to solve, although part Volendam fans protest outside the main entrance of the club, "notorious the arrival of the impeccable "Van Persie, but Adrian the Ansai only believe their own eyes.

In the first training session back to the Netherlands, Adriana of Ansai put Van Persie introduced to all the players, but when we saw goes cold deadpan face, a furrowed brow. Zhang Jun in listening to the coach, wholse jerseys from china?said Van Persie is the main attacking midfielder in the Dutch Olympic team, revealing a smile from the heart, because the team is now on the lack of a former field organizer that Adrian Ansai often require Kozhikode Seoul and Salden two, defensive midfielder turns forward runs.

Now the Dutch Olympic team on the 10th, all the problems are solved. Zhang Jun was relieved, but did not notice around a teammates suffer gravely.

Standing on the the Adriana the Ansai side of his face smiling Van Persie naturally see you "teammates" expression, he just hummed loudly, her face twisted to one side. Where are the same, whether it is Feyenoord, FC Volendam.

After training, wholse shoes from china?Robin van Persie a bath, slip is completed, to leave early. He will have to drive back to Feyenoord own home. Watching Van Persie closed the door to leave, took a deep breath of talent within the locker room atmosphere compared to just active.

"Hey! Kyrgyz night arrangements?"

Night? Accompany Rowling. "

"Oh!" Was booing.

Zhang Jun teammates watching downtown into a ball and felt something was amiss. He bumper around Keizer: "Seth, why everyone was so active?"

"Volendam's locker room is not the original that so?" Keizer contrary, a little strange.

"Oh, oh." Zhang Jun to react, "so to speak, should be just everyone's performance somewhat normal, why ......" Zhang Jun puzzling.

"Because this kid." Keizer said.

"Robin (Robin)?"

"Robin Van Persie." Keizer nodded, cheap authentic jerseys? "He is a famous bad boy in the Netherlands, if the most annoying person in football circles, that is him."

"You seem to know him very well."

Keizer look up at the locker room air conditioning. Zhang, there is a story, you want to listen to my personal experience? "

Zhang Jun nodded, "You talk about it."

"That's me in the Ajax youth team when, in the first half of 2002, youth teams of Ajax and Feyenoord youth team in the semi-final of the Youth Cup in the Netherlands met ......"

This is just a youth tournament, but because the Ajax youth team is never short of genius, so a lot of the hardcore fans of Ajax rushed to the scene to cheer for the team. Because these people, plus two Dutch football heavyweight team, the atmosphere tense makes it difficult to breathe.

Keizer final where Ajax youth team beat Feyenoord youth team reached the final. It was a very intense game off their feet scenes everywhere, authentic nfl jerseys?plus off-site fans groaned aloud, the referee has become the most busy people, produced 13 yellow cards, the game finally ended.

But some fanatical Ajax fans stormed the stadium, provocative Feyenoord players. Feyenoord players also very calm, not win positive simmering fire in my belly.