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Versatile shoes for very casual job

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    Versatile shoes for very casual job

    I'm a recent college grad who just started up my first "real job" in a university neuroscience lab. I could easily get away with wearing a t-shirt to work, but probably couldn't get away with wearing a sport coat.

    I'm looking for a pair of shoes that I could wear with jeans and a polo or button-down shirt, that are at least one notch above sneakers, and preferably dark brown. Right now I'm considering a pair of brown on brown Sperry's or wingtip boots (dark brown Mr. Bs maybe?). What do you guys think about these choices, and what else should I be considering? I already have a pair of desert boots to cover the lighter color side of things, and I have a pair of somewhat oddly colored Sebago Docksides.


    Question: when you say you're working in a lab, do you mean you'll be standing up all day, working with chemicals or other stuff that could potentially spill on your shoes? Or are you sitting at a desk, doing paperwork?



      My go-to casual shoes are the Bostonian Eastbend. Go with pretty much anything and available in dark brown. Will work equally well with jeans or chinos.



        I'm not a fan of the size of the broguing (too large) on the Mr. Bs wingtip boots. Depending on your price point, I would go with one of these:

        Stafford Camlin (they look better in person and work with Jeans, Chinos and Slacks) tId=dept20000018&

        Florsheim Gaffney (the lug sole will not work with dress slacks or suits but look great with Jeans and Chinos).

        Florsheim Hawley (also on the casual side)

        AE Dalton (these go with everything from Jeans to suits - I own them in dark chocolate)



          oops, double post



            A suede buck might be a good move

            What's your budget?

            The Bass Brockton is a hell of a deal at around $50.

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              Juan's post +1 (AE Daltons - if you can swing it, they go with everything).



                Thanks for the responses! I like the bucks a lot, but since I will be working with some pretty nasty stuff (chemicals, biohazards, etc.), and already have a pair of suede DBs, I feel like they might not be ideal. They're definitely something I didn't think of though.

                As for the boots, I really like the Staffords and the AEs. I might pick up a pair of one... or stalk ebay for the other. I do live in a very very hot climate though, so boots might not be wearable for a few more months.

                As for budget, <$100 is ideal, <$200 would be feasible for something that would really last.

                Is there anything else I'm missing?



                  I just bought these: Klein%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D54%26ruleId%3D66%26slotId%3 D2

                  A suede, chocolate brown double monk strap. Suede goes with anything and monk straps can be dressed up or down relatively easily (they are considered more of a loafer).

                  On sale until tomorrow.







                    Florsheim 20% off code: Next20



                      "My go-to casual shoes are the Bostonian Eastbend. Go with pretty much anything and available in dark brown. Will work equally well with jeans or chinos.


                      I also own a pair of these and they are amazing casual shoes. I love them. Very comfortable and nice looking show.



                        I also have these, in both brown and black: %3D54%26ruleId%3D5%26slotId%3D17

                        a dressier driving moc. extremely versatile, can be dressed up or down.



                          Hmmm. Juan may have found a winner with the Florsheim Doon.



                            didnt Joe just do a post on this?