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Wedding accessories for a charcoal suit?

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    Wedding accessories for a charcoal suit?

    My wedding is coming up in October and I could use some advice to dress up my basic assemble. Right now I'm working with a basic BR wool charcoal suit, a white Ratio shirt, and a pair of black AE Park Avenues. Seems rather plain and boring right now, but I'm hoping to liven it up a bit with some color.

    I'm thinking purple may be good (as it goes with one of our eggplant colors) but I'm not sure what the rules are regarding coordinating ties and pocket squares. Here's what I'm considering. Do any of these go together? If not, can you suggest complimentary pieces? And should one have a boutonniere and a pocket square?

    I love this tie, but I'm not sure how it would look with a charcoal suit or what I should pair it with:

    Pocket Square #1: 7C%7C%7C%7C&cm_mmc=Shopping_Portal-_-Google_Shopping_US-_-Product-_-July11&CAWELAID=1481142525

    Pocket Square #2: 02

    Pocket Square #3: 22

    Pocket Square #4: 418195&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446466522&R=73808 5904028&P_name=Polo+Ralph+Lauren&N=306418195+42949 29609&bmUID=jBLgQKK



    Are you the groom?



      The pocket square should never match the tie too perfectly. A color of the tie can influence the pocket square (or vice versa), but don't use only the same color for both.

      If you're the groom, you've got the attention on you. It wouldn't be bad to have a bold tie (like the purple w/ polka dots) although it might be weird if you're matching the bridesmaids. (Seems like that's something the groomsman should do.)



        Yes, I'm the groom. And here's the rub: no bridesmaids, no groomsmen. Just me, my fiancee, and our families. It's going to be a small backyard farm wedding, so a tuxedo was out of the question. So the only person who will be front and center with me is my fiancee, and her dress is champagne. The other accent colors of the wedding decorations are champagne, burnt orange, and eggplant. Decorations include some burlap.






            Thanks! I can't believe it's now only a few weeks out, so I'm needing to iron out the details.

            I like the tie posted above, which was just restocked today, but what shade / color pocket square should I look for as a complement?



              Congrats. 6 weeks until my wedding as well.

              That purple tie you linked to is 3.25" wide. I have BR tailored fit suits and I believe the lapel at the widest point on them is 2.75". I think I read somewhere that the tie shouldn't be wider than the lapel on the jacket but you might want to wait for one of the more knowledgeable members to comment on that.



                Dude, eggplant is the best color ever. I assure you that you'll look awesome in a charcoal suit and eggplant tie.

                Here are some options that might work well with charcoal from thetiebar.


                Plum Polkadot.

                Plum ribber stripe. I'd pair it with a light solid eggplant square.

                Grenafaux eggplant. Pair with a patterned square.

                Wavebone wool - Azalia. You might be able to pair with a navy?

                Eggplant polkadots

                Gingham eggplant. This one's fun.

                Pocket Squares:



                Plum/Light Blue check, this probably has good options for pairing.


                Light eggplant

                Very light grape

                I don't really know much about pairing ties and pocket squares, but hopefully those give you some ideas for both.

                Also, congratulations!



                  I wore a charcoal suit with this tie and a white pocket square for my wedding earlier this year. can't go wrong with grey and purple.

                  Prepster Plaid



                    kidsampson, congratulations! I agree with the other posters who have said that eggplant and charcoal are a great mix.



                      I appreciate the feedback and these suggestions. Another reason this is the site I visit most. Just a great community here.

                      @thmage: Many, many thanks for linking to so many options. Very useful!

                      @Vicious49: Thanks for the reminder about lapel width. I will have to double check mine before deciding. That's a detail I could have let slip.



                        Not sure if this will help you but Joe did a post about what I am wearing to a wedding next Spring.




                          Thanks brenersm. I had seen that post awhile back when I was in the market for a suit.



                            @kidsampson, first, congrats on your upcoming wedding! This is completely crazy because I, too, am getting married in October, my suit is a charcoal BR and my accent color is eggplant. Like minds...

                            Anyways, after much research, I have come to the conclusion that much can be done with the boutonniere and pocket square. Your choice of boutonniere is perfect esp for a fall wedding. You may want to look into a patterned tie with a solid pocket square to avoid any matchy-match look.

                            Just to add: You may want to look at adding some solid suspenders and some nice cufflinks. My thing is you may want to avoid "over-complicating" the area around your face and upper torso. Adding too much can flood the situation. Look into a nice watch perhaps (leather band, of course.)

                            Just a suggestion.



                              Thanks, Heafcliffe. And congratulations on your impending nuptials as well!

                              What color pocket square will you be going with? And I was also planning on using this occasion as an excuse to purchase a new watch, just haven't found the one just yet.