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Orient Mako or Ray?- Help Me Decide

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    Orient Mako or Ray?- Help Me Decide

    To all,

    I am looking to buy my first automatic and have narrowed it down to the Orient Mako in Blue:

    or the Orient Ray in Blue:

    They are the same size and movement and the price difference is negligible. I would be grateful for any comments, particularly from those of you that own either of these watches. Help me decide!


    I've got the Ray. I like it. The Mako seemed a bit plain to me, but some prefer it.

    1 vote for Ray here.



      It's purely a matter of personal preference, as the watches are essentially identical except for the bracelet, indices, hands, and bezel font. For a dive watch, I've always preferred the classic Submariner no-number indices look. And I think the Ray's bracelet suits it better as a "dress diver" than the much plainer Mako.

      The Mako simply isn't to my taste, but I have considered buying the Ray several times before.




        I got the Mako, but only because here in Canada, I couldn't find a decent price on the Ray anywhere (actually I think I couldn't find it at all). Go for the Ray.

        Also, if you plan on changing the strap (I went for a NATO strap), buy the rubber band version. Same watch, but cheaper.



          Looks like 3 votes for the Ray so far.....

          Keep the comments coming. I appreciate them all.



            If you want it to look a little closer to an omega seamaster // rolex submariner, get the mako (it has dot markers). If you don't care, w-evs



              I'll be ordering the Ray tomorrow. Thanks to all who lent their advice.



                I ended up with the Ray, too. General consensus was that the Ray bevel was better, and then it was just a choice of numbers or no numbers. Numbers are more functional, marks are more fashionable.

                The blue color is awesome. You'll love it.



                  I received my Ray last week and posted a pic of it all in the Recent Purchases thread. Thanks to everyone for their feedback.