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Need Advice - Basic Clothing Care

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    Need Advice - Basic Clothing Care

    I wore a very relaxed style during college (hoodies/levis/occasional button down) and I have recently started to care about my style. I have started to buy quality denim/shoes/shirts in my quest to have a more "grown up" look but I don't want to be counter productive by ignoring basic care techniques. Most questions I found answers to by searching past threads but I do have a few lingering..

    Shirts - Top button only when hanging?

    T-shirts - Best fold technique to reduce wrinkles?

    Jeans/chinos/dress pants - Hang or fold? Best fold technique?

    Laundry - Best detergent on the market?

    And one last question, what is your favorite/best clothing care tip you can give to a newbie?

    Thank you in advance


    Here's how you fold a polo shirt.



      "And one last question, what is your favorite/best clothing care tip you can give to a newbie?"

      Don't over-clean or over-dry clothes. Wash with less detergent than you probably think, at cooler temperatures than you probably think. Don't over-dry, and consider hang-drying for some. Do the minimal cleaning and drying to get the results you want - your clothes will last longer.

      "Shirts - Top button only when hanging?"

      Versus what? Buttoning more? Buttoning none? I never thought about it - does it matter?



        Hang dry. I do it for all my polos and shirts (unless I'm trying to shrink something), as well as my denim (when I wash it!). I used to ignore buttoning the top button of my shirts but I realized it would kind of pull the collars down and out (esp. when I'm hang-drying shirts). Buttoning the top button or two helps maintain the shape.

        Detergent - I personally use the hypoallergenic unscented stuff, but for denim/colored clothes I've heard great things about woolite dark.