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    Plaid dress shirts

    As fall's approaching I'm looking to make some additions to my dress shirt options. I've had my eye on a couple plaid dress shirts in darker colors. Specifically these two from Lands' End. I've seen similar styles around, specifically Ben from Parks & Rec and Ryan from the later seasons of The Office. I'm not thinking of wearing these with suits, but rather with chinos, cords and dress pants. As it gets cooler, I'll throw sweaters into the mix.

    Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts on those two shirts and on darker plaid shirts in general.





      Assuming you mean the "Bordeaux Plaid" color in the first one, I like it. How it looks would definitely depend on fit, though.

      I personally don't like the huge cutaway collar on the second one, although that plaid is nice.

      J.Crew factory has many different plaid shirts up right now, along with a 30% off code someone posted in the "deals on the net" thread.



        I'm personally not a big fan of plaid. I have a few, but I never seem to enjoy wearing it very much. But the ones you linked do look a lot nicer than mine.



          I got a dark green/black tartan plaid shirt from LEC last winter and I really like it. It was this in a different color ( I hope they release similar ones this fall/winter because for the price I paid ($15-20) it fits decently and looks nice. Not a huge fan of the bordeaux plaid, but if the second link had a more standard cutaway collar I'd go for it. I like the idea of a non-button down plaid shirt!



            I have the second shirt. And that cutaway collar is as big as the picture makes it look.

            I pair it with a non silk gray tie and I have worn it with jeans and a waistcoat, chinos and Clarks, or just jeans and a brown leather jacket.

            All looks work great. Big thing is with such a loud pattern, you don't want to overwhelm it with more color. I personally would love the shirt even more if it was a semi spread collar. Although the big cutaway adds to the personality of the shirt a bit.

            Always been complimented on the shirt by either wait staff or date. Good luck to you!

            "We had a sick night b*tches!"



              I have that navy/red multi plaid and love it. I usually wear it with chinos and Clarks. The cutaway collar stands up nicely and I usually wear it without a tie. It's one of my favorite shirts. I'll start to combine with some sweaters and blazers as fall draws near. Highly recommended.