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    The blue cord blazer Joe recommended from Macy's last year is easily the most noticed thing I own.

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    He wasn't kidding about it being a casual blazer that gets you noticed. I was at a holiday party with friends and we ended up going out to dance at a bar/club kind of place down the street. After about a half hour I get pulled by the lapels into dancing with this extremely cute girl. It was too loud to hear anything, but as we danced I noticed these other guys buying her and her friends drinks while I got all the action.

    I've read dappered religiously since.



      I agree with Iced Tea. I get compliments on my Inc blazers (I have 5 of them). I bought most of them off ebay for $20 or less. Great buys.



        @Heafcliffe, I picked up those Keds from Macy's about a year ago.

        I don't know how legit the business is on my link, but you can buy them there supposedly.



          I've gotten many complements from LEC's Selvedge Poplin in grape.



            Must ... resist ... temptation ... to post something leud about my johnson.

            My wife picked me out a geometric purple tie at Canadian retailer called Tip Top which I'd never be caught dead shopping at. I hated it but gave it a few pity wears. Everyone goes bananas over this purple monstrosity, especially women.

            It probably confirms that I have no eye whatsoever.

            The items I believe warrant compliments always fail to get them.



              For me it is basically anytime I wear pink, I never see any other guy in my office or let alone town wearing pink... I have a great fitting Calvin Klein Body Dress shirt in pink that I always get compliments on, I also have a pink tie with purple and blue polka dots that gets the compliments too. Basically I only wear these items once a month or two. I also get comlimented on my shoes about once a month, I love wingtips and they seem to have enough character to attract the attention away from all the other guys wearing plain black square toed shoes in the office everyday.

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                My glasses, by far (they are Shuron Sidewinders in ebony - However, I suspect that at least some of the time, people are just looking for something to say and complimenting my glasses is low-hanging smalltalk fruit.



                  I truly believe that a lot of "compliments" on things are actually just ways to make conversation.

                  There have been hundreds of times when I've said something nice about something someone was wearing just because they clearly were looking for a comment. That, or the item is just so flashy/gaudy that you feel the need to make SOME kind of comment, but don't want to be rude.



                    Hands down, this waistcoat.


                    Dressed up, dressed down, doesn't matter. Always get a compliment on it. Took me forever to find one that was fitted and totally worth it.



                      JoshB, did you really pay $300+ for the waistcoat? It looks sharp and I'd rock it too, but I had sticker shock when I went to the site!



                        Thought of this thread yesterday when it was finally cool enough to bring out this BR coat (I bought on sale 5 years ago or so), which gets more compliments than anything else I own x 1000. It doesn't even fit me perfectly, but, that's okay...I got more 'you look dapper'-type comments than ever, which was a good esteem-boost, let me tell you. Outfit is BR coat, v-neck sweater, and button down, J. Crew urban fit jeans, and AE Daltons.

                        (sorry for the unpleasant setting, ha).



                          Hickey Freeman. 93% cashmere/7% silk. This thing is sooooooooooo nice and soooooooooo badass.

                          Secured in a thrift trade for a recent BB worsted wool suit (Alan knows the one) I picked up last year for $13.



                            Aside from my wife, I haven't gotten any compliments since I started putting effort into dressing better since people in my office are clueless when it comes to style. The most I'll get is, "why are you so dressed up today?" "Dressed up" to these people means dark jeans, tucked-in collared shirt, and my Cole Haan Paul chukkas. :-\ The clickety-clack of the chukkas and the fact that they have semi-pointed toes is 10 times dressier than what most around here wear. Except for two other guys who wear well-fitting Ben Sherman shirts and who obviously put effort into their wardrobe, I work in a style wasteland.




                              Pics or it didn't happen. THE TIE, NOT THE OTHER THING. lol


                              Jaw drop. Damn... I need to move to a metropolitan area. I don't even think we have thift shops where I am lol.

                              My measurements, for context--> Body Type: Slim/Skinny |​ Weight: 175 lbs | Height: 6'1" | Neck: 16” | Chest: 40” | Waist: 33.5” | Shoulder: 18.75” | Sleeve: 35.5” | Bicep: 12.75” | Wrist: 6.75”



                                I get a looks and compliments for my Bass x McNairy Hingham in Navy Latigo boat shoes. The wood detail is what really sets these things off.