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    Walnut strands, blue suede florsheim no string wings and navy seersucker suit from bonobos.



      It's a great look, BJ, they really nail the proportions of the gingham perfectly.

      To the guys who own the Bonobos navy searsucker suit, do you ever wear it as separates? Because I definitely don't want to drop enough cash to buy the whole suit, but I feel like the pants could be a cool semi-dressy evening item for the spring/summer/warm fall nights and at $46...



        Bought the suit first, then wound up wearing the pants so much on their own that I purchased a 2nd pair of the pants (once they hit clearance) so that the suit pants weren't so worn relative to the jacket.

        I wear the pants casually or with any sort of dressy attire. A majority of people won't even realize they're seersucker, as they look a pretty normal navy from more than a foot or 3 away.



          Yep I wear the pants seperate a lot. The jacket would go well with some gray or khaki linen/cotton or cotton pants as well.



            This might be somewhat cheating, but: shoes. I feel like even a lot of decently dressed guys just neglect shoes. I, on the other hand, have too many. People tend to notice them and compliment them.

            It's funny, my worn in, grey suede Sperry "chukkas" receive probably the most compliments. I wear them all the time, but people seem to really like them. After that, either the Daltons or the Iron Rangers.

            As for the part of my person, the hair. I don't do much to it, it's just one of those blessings in life.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              Right now it's got to be my Vans Pritchards in blue suede. They look like bucks but have a flat sole for skateboarding. Since I skate regularly to get around the city, all of my choices for casual shoes must meet the "skateable" criteria.



                LEC shawl cardigan and thrifted suede bucks.



                  Crazily enough, the most complimented item I have are my Pro-Keds Champion Chambray Loafers.


                  Shoes in general though seem to be the most complimented items for me.



                    @TheTito, those are nice! Need a pair in my life! Where did you get them?



                      A solid, silk, lime green tie I got from the Tie Bar. That, or a pair of Stacy Adams wing tips with 2 contrast colors:



                        Unfortunately the navy seersucker suit is sold out in most sizes.

                        Think I'm gonna email them a ask/beg that they sell it again next spring.



                          Simple. My AE Strands. I was waiting to cross the street yesterday and a woman rolled down the window of her car and said "I like your shoes."



                            I've never gotten compliments on my Strands, just glancing looks from coworkers and partners who probably regard them as too flashy for our casual office.

                            What I get the most compliments on are a strawberry button up from BR, a plain gray crewneck sweater from J. Crew, and a herringbone field jacket by Obey. (none of these are my favorite items, either)



                              Cole Haan Paul Chukka, or a white mock neck sweater I picked up from BR a few years back



                                Shoes, shoes, and shoes. Especially from the ladies.

                                Example from last week.

                                "Nice shoes! Johnston & Murphy?"

                                "Actually they're Ferragamo." (Wearing the aforementioned Tramezza brown wholecuts.)

                                "Ohhhh... they're nice!"

                                The second most complemented pair I own are all black Achilles (Common Projects). Recently had a friend call them, "serious kicks." and a ladyfriend call them, "casually elegant."