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    My Most Complimented Item

    Every time I wear the LEC Guildsman Chambray Workshirt in Deep Blue Indigo I get compliments on it. Of all my clothing/shoe items this one seems to get the most attention from people. I could be wearing the shirt with a pair of Jeans and one of my nice AE shoes (Dalton, Strand, etc.) but the shirt seems to grab the most attention. I really like the shirt but it's definitely not the nicest piece that I own, so I can't explain why it gets so much attention.

    Shirt Link: H=IDX_men-_-shirts-&origin=index

    Do you have an item of clothing that gets more compliments than anything else you own?


    Day to day item would be my Bonobos oxfords. People always think they are tailored because they fit so well off the rack.

    I've gotten a ridiculous amount of compliments on the few times i've worn my Bonobos Navy Seersucker suit.

    I think im starting to sound like a Bonobos spokesman...



      I've received a lot of compliments on this light blue gingham shirt from CT: %7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C

      The quality is only so-so, but the pattern is nice.



        I get a lot of compliments on my tie bar, from both men and women.

        Which makes it all the more obnoxious that it is currently missing....




          I'm with Jordan -- Bonobos oxfords have garnered quite a few comments (despite me thinking they could be taken in a little on the sides for me). Their navy seersucker (I have the suit, sometimes wear the pants worn alone, and shorts ...yeah, I bought all of the above... just love the fabric) gets a lot of compliments as well.



            I usually just get complemented on my face. My clothes just help make that happen .... lol



              I sound like a broken record on this, but it's true: my Saddleback briefcase is far and away number one.



                probably my glasses. i got these nice john lennon looking things which really fit my face well



                  I often get compliments on my light purple gingham washed shirt from J. Crew.



                    My chiseled abs. (maybe someday?)

                    Until then, it seems to be my LEC cardigan.



                      I rarely get complimented on my clothing, but I would say my Timex Weekender with the red/blue/white strap. It's quite eye-catching.

                      @Juan I have a similar shirt from J.Crew coming in a few days.



                        BJ - as someone who doesn't love wearing patterns, I am very jealous of that shirt, its absolutely gorgeous. I've had my eye on it for a while.

                        And, as to the question, I'd say my smile. I'm not being cutesy, here's why I think that's a legitimate answer:

                        The items that get the most compliments are loud yet tasteful items, not necessarily the BEST items one owns. Consider the following.

                        1. You see a decent looking guy in a casual setting wearing a tank top and athletic shorts. You think "he's very average looking."

                        2. You see the same man wearing great fitting salmon pants, a sky-blue gingham shirt, a thin salmon-striped navy knit tie, and boat shoes. Loud, but looks great. You think "he's so well dressed." This isn't a reflection on whether or not the man is attractive, just that he's swaddled in epic duds.

                        3. You see the same man wearing slim khaki chinos, a tailored sky blue shirt, a thin red-stripe navy tie, and plain brown leather drivers. You think "he's pretty good-looking." Why? Thanks to the outfit he looks his best, but the outfit isn't loud enough to attract your attention away from the man himself.

                        My style falls firmly into the third category (OK, so maybe it's not QUITE that boring. But still.) Which is why I feel that my smile is a legitimate answer.

                        Also, if I ever find I pair of good burgundy canvas sneakers, I guarantee they become the most complimented item I own. THE SEARCH CONTINUES.



                          Either a pink pinpoint oxford button down that I had tailored to fit me perfectly or my Sebago Hamiltons (which women always seem to notice). I'm with you hon140, I think I fall more into the third style than the second.



                            hon140 - Imagine this shirt, but in lavender.



                              Hon140 - I feel the same way. I tend to lean towards classic looks with a modern edge, but nothing too loud. Loud just isnt my taste and I can't pull it off well because I don't hav the personality for it. Props to the guys who can, because it takes a certain breed to own it, but it's just not me.