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Levi's fit and color for dressier event

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    Levi's fit and color for dressier event

    Hi Everyone.... I have been a reader for a while and can't believe I never realized there was a forum...

    Well thankfully I did because today I have a question that seems tailor made (no pun intended) for dappered readers.

    My sister was married in June in a small family ceremony, but in 3 weeks she is having a larger reception for friends and extended family. More precisely she is having a hoedown. On the invitation she encouraged cowboy boots and suggested khakis. She specified "no jeans". However, after having dinner with her this week and discussing what to wear she actually encouraged me to wear jeans since I would wear "nicer, dressier" jeans. She put no jeans on the invitation because most people would take that to mean any pair of bad faded denim..... and since this was a hoedown complete with square dancing... denim seemed appropriate.

    So now I am trying to find a new pair of jeans for the event. Most of the darker pairs of 505s I have are beginning to wear and fade a bit so I want something a bit more elegant for the wedding.

    I'm not a small guy and I carry a lot of my weight in my stomach and thighs.... I own a couple of pairs of Levis 505 in a 38x30 that fit well. The 38x30 514 slim fits are just too thin in the thighs. But I did have a pair of 40x30 slim fit that fit well. I haven't worn a pair of 501 since I was in High school (20 years ago)....

    So essentially I am beyond confused as to what to do... my question to you fine people is really 3-fold.

    1) What is the difference in cut between the 505 and the 501. If the 505 fit well but dont have a ton of room in the thigh will the 501 work? Also, since I don't have the 40x30 514s anymore... would the smaller 505s actually be slimmer than the larger 514s?

    2) Choosing a color is also a challenge. My gut tells me that the 501s would be best in Dimensional Rigid (but would Clean Rigid be better)... but if I go with the 505 or the 514 I am not sure. I can get the 514s in Starvos, Kale, or Tumbled Rigid. And the 505s I can get in Panic or Tumbled Rigid. So the question is... which of these would be the dressiest.

    3) That leads to my last question.... I plan on wearing this sport coat and these brown cowboy boots. Would any of the above denim colors work better? But more importantly... what would be a good shirt option for this?

    Thanks for your input!


    Considered any cream or beige jeans?

    If interested in lighter,

    The darker and less worn looking, the dressier when it comes to indigo/blue jeans. So for Question #2, Clean Rigid looks nicest.

    Other than that, someone else will have to answer.



      This doesn't answer your question really, but I wouldn't wear jeans. Especially if you'll be the only person at the wedding in denim. Bad form. It's a wedding, it's your sister's wedding. Over-dress. I don't believe in "dress jeans", though admittedly some washes look more casual than others, so I understand where you're coming from. But all jeans are casual, I don't care if you've paid $300 for them.

      Full disclosure, I'm a born-and-raised northeastern'er, and I don't know what someone wears cowboy boots with. But wear trousers.

      Good Luck.



        Mikesam82... I agree with you... but the word is that other people will be wearing denim as well. And its a hoedown, not a wedding. Plus, at the actual wedding, the groom wore beige pants with fish prints and flip flops...

        I am a born and raised New Englander myself, so this whole thing is foreign to me. The only thing pushing me to denim is my sisters encouragement as well as the idea that cowboy boots would look silly with anything else...



          This may not fit your situation, but check this out:



            This is from Dappered FYI:



              501's aren't as tapered in the ankle as 501's according to the measurements on the levis site. Plus if you've already said you've got a few pairs that fit well why mess up a good thing? I'd say tumbled rigid 505 (stitching seems to contrast less than panic).



                So I actually tried on my 505s and my Levi's Authentics Slim Straight from Target and my wife and we determined that the size larger Slim fit actually look slimmer throughout the leg than the smaller 505s, so I placed the order today for the 514 Tumbled Rigid... Here's hoping that it works!

                Thanks everyone for your advice.