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Loafers, anybody?

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    Loafers, anybody?

    So. I like boat shoes. But not THAT much. Looking to branch out. One direction I am going is toward blucher mocs. Another is toward loafers. Here are a few I am looking at - anyone have any other recommendations, preferences, guidelines? I have never owned a pair, so not sure. Would wear with chinos, jeans, shorts. Sockless.

    What I am sure of: penny loafer, leather sole, no tassels

    What I am not sure of: color (tan or burgundy), beef roll

    My favorite by far, Cole Haan Aiden

    Second fav: Bass Weejun Logan (no beef roll)

    Florsheim Berkley (beef roll)

    Sebago (beef roll)


    I'm a loafer man myself. I like the sebago and weejuns that you've posted. The classic color is burgundy, but tan is becoming a modern classic. Get one in each! My two:





      Clean Acoustin. I really, really like. Which color do you find yourself reaching for usually / is more versatile? I've read that shiny burgundy / cordovan is the classic look, like you said. I think I'd wear the tan ones more though. The weejuns are cheap enough that I think I could get both.

      Not a fan of the beef roll?

      Really like the looks of this LL Bean also



        Well I usually reach for my tan ones but that may be due to them being without tassels. The tan is pretty versatile and I've worn them with Jeans, Chinos, shorts and socks/sockless. Not a fan of the beef roll because I've got wide feet and I feel the extra mass makes the loafers look less sleek on my wide foot.



          I bought a pair of black Kiltie loafers (with tassels) and can't figure out a good way to wear them. Suggestions?



            @NC, eBay? :P

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              I like Bass Weejuns - wore them as a young person, then stopped for perhaps 10 years, and then started again. But the new one I have is very stiff. So I'm not that into it and may not buy again when they wear out.

              They're also a little clunky by modern standards - I'd like something a little longer and lower.



                I have these:


                I also like these:




                  Edit: For reference, the Weejuns can be had around 80, the Cole Haan's for 190, the Allen Edmonds for 225-250. Everyone else is 100-150

                  @ Acoustic - I feel you on the beef roll. Shoe silhouettes are slimmer these days, and the beef roll just doesn't quite seem to fit in. That said, I am sure there is somethign to be said about Style versus Fashion these days

                  @ Nicholas/greg - Hahaha That does sound like nick huh? Maybe grays and charcoals? I dunno, tough boat to be in.

                  @ JT - The Weejun "Logan" is a recent model, last couple years. It is supposed to be slimmer? I don't know, I haven't seen one. Here are two pics of tan. I have seen the Cole Haan's in person, and they are both slim and attractive. Sadly, also $190.

                  @ Juan - those allen edmonds Kenwoods are beautiful. I'm close on them. Not sure how I feel about the extra fringe detailing? Thoughts?



                    Acoustic - which J&Ms are those?



                      Loafers? Blerg!


                      Even the name is a turn-off to me.

                      It's all preferences of course, and I don't actually mind them that much with socks and pants, but there are several other shoe types that i find better over them and thus not desirable to own. Kinda a loafy, clunker shape too. A shoe without sex appeal and smooth charms. I feel the same about boat shoes and moccasins. Like slippers for men to my eyes.

                      The greatest sin is wearing them with no socks.

                      I just don't get it.

                      I can live with these:

                      EDIT: Now noticing I am tired, I realize my post is bizarre and doesn't contribute anything valuable. Sigh.



                        Cannon, I might be wrong, but I feel like the reason that you think loafers/any slip on leather shoe is "effeminate" is because they are often worn showing some ankle, depending on pant length. In fact, in all of the examples you dislike, there's some ankle showing; its one of the most effeminate parts of the human body. And yet the shoes in the last example aren't even that awesome (note the really thick rubber soles), they just are a lot more subtle because the pants overlap the tops of the shoes. The whole "ankle" thing is really more just personal style than anything else. One of the reasons I hate thestyleblogger's style is because he shows ankle in like 90% of his combos.

                        I wear my loafers the manly way, just touching up against my pant leg opening. No noticeable skin. And that turns the shoes into basically flip-flops for real men: comfortable and convenient.



                          This is basically my grail shoe:

                          Courtesy of Spoopoker from SF.

                          Aside: I really dislike penny loafers, but a tassled suede loafer gets me all happy inside.



                            I like penny's more than tassle, but Spoo's shoes are always ridiculous. I'm sure that shoe there cost more than my entire shoe collection.

                            I also am not a fan of the "beef roll" or whatever. Either way, I think they are a classic shoe that is one way to nicely step up from the world of flip flops and sneakers. If I owned any (been on the hunt awhile) I would do the sockless thing. Likely even with shorts.

                            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                              People wear socks with loafers??