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Dear God what have I bought?

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    Dear God what have I bought?

    I was scrambling like mad to pick up some cords at the land's end sale, saw this scarf, and, without much thought to it and dazzled with the price, added it to my order. H=IDX_Sale-_-Men&origin=index

    Upon arrival, I recognized I should have read more carefully. Obviously, it is very lightweight, not a problem for most but I live on the eastern edge of Canada where we get a nine month winter and about 15 feet of cumulative snow annually. Still, scarves are decorative here, not functional.

    Is there anything I can pair this with in terms of fall/winter clothes so I can actually wear it? i.e. would it look daft with a winter pea coat? I can't wear it with a tshirt or whatever its intended purpose because it would skew too much to dandyism, which is just not me.

    My wife has her eye on it, once she wears it, it's essentially hers.


    Honestly, that doesn't look that bad to me. I don't wear scarves, but I can imagine just having it on untied with a leather jacket, white button-up shirt, jeans, and boots. It seems like something you could wear on a cool day by the sea... Peggy's Cove maybe? Close up the jacket and you can tie the scarf. There are calmer scarves out there, but this doesn't scream bad to me. That said, I don't know many scarf looks being from Florida.



      Funny thread. It does look cool, but my sartorial-sophisticated self cannot offer any advice on how/where to wear it. Just no idea where to even begin.

      I'll give it a shot though. For an autumn look, try it under a light merino wool v-neck sweater, in a gray (light or dark) or navy. Maybe a thin half-zip sweater with a collar. Wear this scarf in a basic knot, loose around the neck, INSIDE of the sweater, making sure the ends are tucked-in to the body of the sweater. Perhaps throw a blazer on to downplay the bulk around your neck. It'd look not unlike a sport shirt, with a scarf-y twist.




        That scarf looks pretty solid to me, but i like scarves. My two cents, when you're trying too hard with a scarf, like most things, it looks contrived. Throw it on with most things in the fall and rock it.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          I'm with Greg, it's a nice scarf and can b worn with pretty much anything IMO

          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"