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dyeing clothes - anyone tried it?

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    greg_s, this is a good example of why style is personal. BenR has always posted great city looks, and it was a bit of a surprise to see him go country and western.

    BenR, if country and western is part of your style, rock on. The darker dye is much better.



      @ Greg_S - Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with how it's come out. A few dollars for dye is definitely a cheaper way to get a new jacket than tossing an old one and buying a new one.

      @ bruschetta - It's ok, man, Ryan Gosling and I will just have to find a way to pick up the pieces of our lives and move on. ;-) As Greg said, the denim trucker jacket is a pretty basic staple of modern workwear - and probably much more common in cities than in rural areas where Carhartt reigns supreme - so I'm a little surprised you are so opposed to it.

      @ Big_Scooter - Well, I wasn't really trying to dress it up or down, just tossed it over what I was already wearing (casual button-down and red Target shorts) for a quick photo. It's still far too hot where I am to get much use out of a jacket for now (80s/90s every day).

      Edit: @ bruschetta again - Interesting to hear you say that you're surprised to see me wearing "country western." Most of the WIWT posts show what I wear to work, but my casual clothes have always been pretty workwear-oriented. If I had to describe my wardrobe succinctly, I'd say it's mostly a combination of English country (tweed, corduroy, waistcoats, wingtips) and, as you put it, country Western (denim, boots, flannel, plaid). As someone who lives in a small Rocky Mountain town, I've found that a dressed-up workwear look is the best way to look put together without looking too out of place.




        BenR, what can I say? Maybe I simply don't like denim jackets. Sorry to derail this thread.

        Dye. Dye dye dye.



          Well, I'm convinced. I have a couple pairs of slacks that I'm not wild about that I'll try lightening/dyeing.

          Jacket looks good, especially for a first try.