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Labor Day Plans?

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    Labor Day Plans?

    I'll start:

    I'm digging through boxes to find my college diplomas so I can finally mail my CA contractor's license. Got my parents in town until then, which makes for a great diversion from my usual shovel-poop-into-my-truck TaskRabbit gigs.


    Hopefully see some friends, and finalize plans for a trip down to LA soon. I really didn't think about the long weekend until today.



      Study study study! Concert, maybe.



        thmage - My brother just took the Greyhound up from LA. Smooth sailing for him. But you should consider if your times are flexible. Great way to meet people and save money. I made an extra $75 on a trip to Reno and had a carload of girls for company.

        LosRockets - What concert? =)



          Well I was going to have my car inspected but every shop within a 100 mile radius is booked solid for the weekend. I guess everyone procrastinated like I did.

          Other than that, nothing. I'm trying not to leave the house at all this weekend.



            Trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible before the PhD program starts Tuesday.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              Labor Day=nothing, really. Maybe a beach day if the weather holds up. My cookout/party plans are for tonight and tomorrow.



                @nc, that's a really good idea. I hadn't even considered it, but it'd be a nice way to make the ride more fun and save some money.



                  Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech Game



                    Grilling out, bocce.



                      Pig Island today:

                      Cookout tomorrow at friends house with pool.

                      Monday not sure yet, maybe head out to park with kids.



                        I'll be in Reykjavik, Iceland on Labor Day.

                        greg_s, I thought that you were starting a masters. I didn't know that it was a PhD program. Congratulations again!



                          TravisB are you in/from VA?

                          Probably about 50% of my department at work is taking off the Tuesday after that game so they can drive down to Blacksburg for the weekend and drive back on that Tues.

                          I'd go but I don't really have any connection with Va Tech and no way I'd be able to get tickets.



                            Taking my son to the park and dinner with my wife

                            Today's our 5 yr anniversary.

                            Stay safe everyone!



                              Congrats! Celebrate and buy yourself a couple suits! ;-)