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Sweaters for this fall

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    Sweaters for this fall

    So I stopped by several men's clothing stores today browsing for sweaters and here's what I found after some extensive trying-on.

    Express: I really didn't like their material. Even on their "higher end" merino sweaters, it just felt like a lot coarser of a weave than I would like. The fit was trim and solid, though, and their prices are good.

    Banana Republic: The V dipped pretty low. Deal breaker for me. The fit was OK, but I had to size down to get them to fit well which, with my arm length, means dry-clean-only for me. Don't know if other people felt the same way on the fit as I am a slim guy.

    Brooks Brothers: Overpriced if not on sale, but, as in the past, I really like some of their non-crew non-v options. Wish they still made their henley-style sweaters. Those rocked.

    J Crew: Their non-slim sweaters were really mediocre in fit for me. Again, I had to size down, so again worries about the sleeve length if I wash them. The quality was really, really solid though. The V dipped a little lower than I'd like, but nothing awful. Their "slub" slim fit sweater fit. Perfectly. I can not possibly overstate this.

    What do others think? I'm really leaning toward the J Crew sweaters, but I'm a little frustrated by their non-factory price tag and I'm loathe to go the factory route. Time to wait for another sale, perhaps.


    An appreciable drop in quality but on sale what about Gap? Their fits are very, very hit or miss for me personally but I am a tough size (big, broad in the chest but short)

    Lands End?

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