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One pair of cords

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    One pair of cords

    If you could buy only one pair of corduroys what color and fit would it be?

    I am looking to expand my wardrobe beyond just jeans and chinos and thought I'd pick up a pair of cords for the coming fall. I am not sure if they go with shirts so will probably pair them with t-shirts, henleys and pullovers. The shoes are going to end up being boots (Clarks in beeswax and Red Wing 875's in red) for the most part.



    PutThisOn had an article on cords yesterday.

    Earthy colors are great, like brown, tan, dark orange, tan, grey.

    Straight or slim fit is fine, depending on your build. I have two pairs of slim Old Navy cords from last year and they do just fine. I wear them with shirts under sweaters and casual sport coats.

    These could do the job :



      -You said tan twice..

      -I like tan.

      I think earth tones are your best bet. For what it's worth I have cords in a tan/mustard/golden wheat/ what have you color from BB that I really like. I think a straight fit is the way to go.

      Dress for style, live for results.



        Oops, second tan was supposed to be olive.



          I think all these colors are great:

          If I was only getting one, I would get the Toasted Rye.