Hi folks, would appreciate your feedback on this. I'm looking for a light-brown pair of oxfords, so I recently purchased the AE Walnut Fifth Avenues and the bourbon Hyde oxfords from Banana Republic to compare. Obviously these are in two completely different tiers, so the price is a factor (AE's were $270 and BR's were $70). When I saw both in person, my first impression was that the leather color and balmoral style were so similar that it would be too much to keep both.

Hyde oxford forefront

AE 5th avenue in forefront

So with that in mind, which style/color would you prefer, given that one is about a quarter of the cost of the other? Or would you keep both because the styles or the color are different enough? I am not concerned with durability or craftsmanship in this comparison, as I own one pair of AE's (over a year old) and three pairs of BR dress shoes (each over 3 years old), and all are equally comfortable and durable. Therefore, while I appreciate the quality of Allen Edmonds, my experience is that sub-$150 shoes provide plenty of value. Thanks.