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Fit of Bar III vs Alfani Red (Armhole)

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    Fit of Bar III vs Alfani Red (Armhole)

    I just tried on Bar III and Alfani Red suits, both in slim fit and in the same size. I read in several places including reviews here that Bar III has higher armholes than Alfani Red, which is a desirable feature. But I did not find this to be true. By touching and pinching, I don't feel a significant difference in the extra space in the armpit fabric. When I raise my arms, both jackets would rise off the body along with sleeves, noticeably bad on the shoulders, with the pads bunching up. But Alfani did not seem any worse than Bar III in this respect. Any thoughts from those of you who have tried on both?

    I do notice a fit difference in the waist area. Bar III has a more dramatic taper and slimmer waist, while Alfani has more excess fabric around the belly. But I guess this can be fixed easily by tailoring.

    I also happened to have looked at J Crew Ludlow earlier, really like it a lot and seriously consider buying it, until I saw Macy's offerings, which look almost just as good for the most part. Maybe J Crew uses superior fabric, but to my eyes Ludlow looks only marginally better than Alfani/Bar III. Use a little tailoring the difference can be further mitigated I suppose. The price difference (yes, Ludlow is triple the price) for me are hard to justify.

    The notion I got is that Bar III is slightly superior to Alfani Red, and has a more modern look, unfortunately the Bar III I have is a suit (not separate) with a 7 inch drop. While I am not a big guy (6', 165 lb, 38R on slim suits), the pants (31 waist) are hard to squeeze in, and if it's not possible for me to change pants independent of the jacket size, I will have to return it.



    Get Bar IIIs suit separates via Macy's website. Use the SWTEST1 code for 20% off in addition to whatever they're already offering. I priced one of the separates yesterday came to about $250.

    5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



      Thanks. The one I got is a suit. I can go in a store and ask for a different size of pants, but I doubt they would let me do so.

      I also got this

      both are a similar tone of grey. I kinda like the alfani color better, got some texture and depth, but it comes down to personal preference.



        I also found the armholes for the Bar III jacket to be no higher than those of the Alfani Red. I wish they were higher! Below is a picture of me in a Bar III suit jacket lifting my arms to the point where the jacket just starts to pull away from my body. FYI, I have also written a review of the jacket pictured.



          thank you. i am glad my observation is confirmed by someone else, as i am not sure about my own eyeballing judgment.