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Needed a suit in a week - my story

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    Needed a suit in a week - my story

    Hey all - I've spent more than a year on Dappered, but this is my first threads post.

    So I was in a bind needing a suit in a week (I only need to wear suits about 4-8 times a year with my new job - starting next week) and being a large guy (6'5, 300) I went the usual routes.

    -Thrifting: On a whim I thought I'd try a thrift store in a wealthy Philly suburb - no luck (although I spotted a great shoe selection and need to make my way back)

    -Macy's: Don't carry suits in stock larger than 48-50R

    -Jos. A Bank: For anything of decent quality I would have had to pay out the wazoo and I couldn't afford that right now

    -Men's Wearhouse: Last resort. Blech. What a bunch of crappy suits for the price range I was hoping for

    So I went to the interweb searching for someplace in Philly that might be able to help me in the short amount of time I had and not being able to spend a ton of dough. I stumbled across a Yelp listing for A Man's Image, a shop in South Philly that looks from the outside as though it was dropped right out of the 70's. There were only two reviews, both 5 stars, and since the store is only about 15 minutes from my house I thought I'd give it a shot.

    As we walk to the door I see a large sign above the door saying something to the effect of "We are a business that prides ourselves in our service. Please let us SERVE you." I figure this is a good sign of things to come. Most places anymore, great service is a thing of a bygone era.

    I walk in the door (wife and kids in tow) hoping for the best. I'm greeted by a shortish very tan, Italian man, Abe who asks me what I need some help with. I say that I need a suit and that I know generally what I'm looking for (grey or navy, wool - preferably 150s, etc.) but that I know I'll need to get re-measured because it's been a long time. Abe looks me up and then down and says, "We'll measure you, but you're a 54L and 40 or 42 waist." I knew right then I was in for a good time.

    Abe introduced me to Bobby who was going to walk me through finding a suit. He had me try on about 6-8 different jackets in the colors I was looking for, all the while asking me questions to get to know more about why I needed a suit, how often I'd wear a suit, my personal style, etc. Abe popped back in occasionally letting my wife know that once I found a brand that worked, to help me remember it so that I could get subsequent items with very little hassle.

    I told Bobby that I was going to be losing some weight and that I was down about 6-8 pounds already and how much could I take in a suit jacket and pants? He told me a story about his life and said that "generally" depending on where you start, 30-50 pounds is still okay. He explained how most tailors in the pants will take in the pants at the rear and the pockets will end up too close together. He also said that their preferred tailor would also take them in at the leg hem if needed.

    Long story short(ened) I ended up walking out with two suits (Mantoni brand) single breasted, super 140s, notched lapel, double vented - one in charcoal and one in a beige color.

    I know that Mantoni isn't the best brand (Abe told me this, but said I picked out two very nice suits anyways - Italian wool, crafted in China) but I feel that I got a very good price on the suits, and was also given a shirt, two silk ties with pocket squares and 4 pair of socks.

    The best part was dealing with Abe, Bobby and the folk's at A Man's Image. They didn't force me into something I didn't want and they were extremely accommodating to my family and I. I will be going back there for as many of my clothes purchases (including suits) as I can in the years to come.

    My side "job"
    Simple, elegant, pocket squares and ties


    Great review! Pity I'm not in that area or I'd love to check out a place with that kind of service. Do try being active around the threads!



      Cool story, thanks for sharing. Glad it worked out for you.

      In today's chain store and online environment it's easy to forget these independent shops exist and are staffed with helpful people who know the business.

      Dress for style, live for results.



        That is an awesome story. I think that personal service is a lost art in this Age of the Internet.



          Andrew, thanks for sharing that.



            That is outstanding.

            I dream of one day finding a place like that locally, where I might be treated as a truly valued customer regardless of the value of my purchases (I'm not in the right tax bracket for much truly high-end clothing).



              Thanks for sharing this. Truly inspiring.



                Thanks for taking the time to share your good experience with us! It's heartening to find a place that takes the time in taking pride in what they do.