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    Levi's Shrink To Fit

    I have been thinking about trying the Shrink To Fit 501's and have read a few reviews online. just did one too. Does anyone hear have any experience with this?


    I basically did the same thing as the manual except I put the jeans on and sat in the warm bath then stood there while it somewhat dried. I think I watched the entire 1983 version of Scarface in my bathroom that day



      The only jeans I wear. I have big thighs, but I like a little taper, too. After they shrink, they fit awesome. Love these jeans. I can't find anything better without spending >$75.

      EDIT: That's also a really good guide. I know there's dozens out there about how to shrink your jeans, but that one is my preferred method and it's just well written and illustrated.



        I'm glad I saw this. I'd been back and forth on buying these before, but had always been scared off by the shrinking process.



          If anyone comes across 501s for sale in the "tobacco" color could you post a link in here?

          I can't seem to find that color and I really am considering a pair after seeing them here....



            These things are next to impossible to find in Canada. Especially in taller sizes.



              Ne1 know if I can shrink non STF 501's using the same method?



                Savage, regular Levi's are preshrunk. STF is the way to go for this effect.

                I wear these, too. I also sit in the bath with them, but that's because I buy them smaller in the waist. In order to make them just a little slim, I first buy them barely tight and them wear them for a while. Denim stretches, and this'll get them to the right waist for me. I shrink them in the tub so that the waist physically cannot shrink any smaller than me. Then I get the slimming effect throughout the rest of the jean. It's still not a slim fit jean, but it works for me.

                On length I buy a couple of inches long, taking into account if I want to roll a cuff (which I now do, about 1.5 inches.)



                  Tempted on trying a pair of these. I bought 2 new pairs of Nudies, and four pairs of Levi 505/514's at Marshalls all this summer so it might be a little while before I get around too it! Ugh!



                    Thanks for the help. I ended up buying a pair here in Manhattan. Perhaps I'll send some before and after pics. I was planning on shrinking them this weekend while watch college football.

                    Dutchman, I am also looking for that tobacco color. I'll let you know if i find them.



                      Those Tobacco-colored STFs are all over eBay, and seemingly almost nowhere else. I found one place online other than eBay:


                      A couple of eBay listings (there are plenty more):



                      As for the basics of STFs (including whether non-STFs will respond well to the same treatment), I'll leave it to the folks whose guides are posted above.



                        For people with STF experience, will these shrink enough for people with skinny legs? I need jeans that will work well with boots this winter and these look great, if they were to shrink enough.

                        The pictures in the Primer article make them look as though they are perfect, but can't tell if it's the jeans or that his legs are on the larger side.



                          I have ample experience with both 501 STFs and skinny legs (particularly in the "from the knees down" region). Honestly, 501 STFs are ideal for guys with bigger legs, but (STF or not) they don't work for guys like us.

                          I've experimented significantly with this, with several pairs of 501 STFs from different factories and price points. Even multiple hot washes and color-destroying hot dries won't shrink 501s down enough in terms of leg circumference/leg opening size. You'll lose some waist circumference and length, but leg circumference just doesn't shrink enough.



                            Thanks bulldoggery. So on that note, do you have any recommendations for jeans that work well with winter boots and skinny legs?



                              @MichaelW -- As someone who doesn't own winter boots, I can't say I do have any relevant jeans recommendations from personal experience, but I can hazard a couple of guesses.

                              I generally wear my go-to 511s or 514s with my hiking boots. Since raw 511s without elastane/spandex tend to stretch out considerably if you wear them a lot without washing, I have the option of wearing them cuffed/rolled or uncuffed, and I usually go with the latter. Here are a few pictures of guys wearing 511s with boots:




                              On the other hand, a lot of people recommend something like 501s with boots, regardless of how baggy the jeans are. I just can't do it.

                              Finally, there's the "slim boot cut" option, although it's my impression that boot-cut jeans for guys have been out of style for at least a couple of years now. In case things are different where you are, here's Levi's best option in that regard:


                              All things considered, my best recommendation would be to stick with 511s or 514s and cuff/roll them once or twice with your boots. I imagine this may be met with disapproval by some folks here, but it's the best idea I've got!