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A stupid question on belts

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    A stupid question on belts

    Ok, weird question here.

    All of my belt + pant combinations fit me a little differently. Because of this, I often find that I am "in between" which hole I should use on the belt (normal 1" spacing).

    The tighter hole will be too uncomfortable, but the looser one will let my belt sag which I can't stand. (The belt buckle will droop around 1-2" below where it should sit.)

    I don't want to punch a new hole in the belt, so what are my other options? Is there any type of fastener that can keep the buckle flush with the top of my pants?


    They go around your waist.

    ...okay now I'll go and actually read your question now

    Dress for style, live for results.



      @tomservo I was going to post the exact same thing.

      @zerostyle Same problem as you this morning, but it doesn't sag that much.



        Sagging 1-2" for being in between holes makes it seem that your belt holes are way too spaced out. I have this problem with a belt I own, but sadly it's too big (ordered before I figured this all out, didn't return in time) so I don't have tighter holes to move to. Very frustrating. I will say that my new AE belt (matched to Strands) not only was true to size when ordering, the middle hole is near perfect for my dress pant waist. Makes me smile.