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Wade from beyond the arc the ball this time

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    Wade from beyond the arc the ball this time

    Turn the Warriors offensive, this time just suffered the persecution of the Miami super personal capacity, the so desire Warriors is also aroused a vague feel Braves murderous increasingly popular. Figured out, the Warriors murderous has been relatively strong, rather than a Linfei now.

    Forest fly ball, this time,Cheap authentic nfl jerseys ,three-wire, Keynes and Aix-en-fast break, Lin Fei midfield, three horn trend, the field over the saw, like an arrow, deeply inserted into the Miami Heat's backcourt. defensive Lin Fei is the Wade James face-en-Provence, with very tight, Lin Fei saw the situation directly put the ball in the back dial to fast running Cairns Cairns received the ball directly is a horseback archery own homeopathic and force, no one in front of the barrier, Cairns far dumped on the hit. The Warriors rarely seen Keynes shot this, today feeling this guy playing a bit anxious. However, that is fierce.

    Wade again face Linfei, this time Wade seems to show his powerful personal attacks, he really fierce up, James was sidelined. Wade from beyond the arc a stride to attempt to go past Lin Fei, Lin Fei is a rapid retreat step, the fast pace of Linfei start fast pitch little Wade pace span great Linfei directly Annealing small step, an emergency stop Wade, crossovers, Lin Fei did not accept this backward momentum directly back a staggered, almost fell, Wade see Linfei such, even is proud, relaxed a jumper on the hit. Really vigorous!

    After scoring, Wade face laugh Lin Fei, Lin Fei as the smile, like Wade, the league is no solution.

    Lin Fei holding the ball, this time the heart still pretty calm, because he knew the master duel, the outcome is often an idea, and now always have to remain calm. Lin Fei calm ball, keep that rhythm, this time Wade tried to use the body to withstand the pace of progress Linfei But when Wade just want to use the body to stick forest fly forest fly easily turned over out Wade had lost Wade, the Miami Heat is not even anti-complement, this time Linfei can not think of how to pass the ball the best, directly kill the other basket, this time Linfei full performances desire, 180 tall, rapidly running in a takeoff dunks succeeded, after the dunk, the whole body almost all and the basket into a 30-degree angle out, you can imagine, Lin Fei from the starting jump dunk when speed is how fast.

    So momentum directly Miami feel a sense of pressure.

    As a superstar, you have to do is to withstand the pressure to win.

    Or Wade, Wade this time to indicate their own teammates to their pick and roll, do not know why this he is, he had a single gun can prick the Warriors defense, especially in the face of a Linfei defenseman, can that is effortless. Moreover, Nike elite jerseys, although the Warriors and fit, but Wade individual is very fit, he has scored eight points, tough, if not the Warriors offensive may Warriors was almost beaten to cry. Bosh mentioned the high pick-and-roll to the Wade, Wade is easily reached Warriors collision zone, take off the face of the anti-complement from Cairns, Wade ascribed directly, Keynes could not stand, reach out to the cap, but also true not to mention, high Cairns Height Vived, lot, together with the young bounce the force amazing, actually almost the hat hands the ball to Wade, but in almost have to hit when, Wade turned layup air to change hand, to a left-handed one-handed dunks. This deduction, got applause.

    However, the ball, it touches the air evil Keynes. This guy would have just a little frown upon Weide Jiang eat the kind of play Linfei.

    With this ball, Lin Fei also seems to be unable to calm, dribble into midfield, an emergency stop, then a fast start to accelerate, so easily, action, direct opened the and Wade distance, Lin Fei direct take-off, Wade this time the situation is not good, and make every effort to jump to go cap Lin Fei, vertical jump at least 60cm up, but is still so far away from the ball shot by Lin Fei, has been shot in the forest fly ball before Wade's action is so slow. Wade the air looked back, the ball flew over Wade ball, I saw to the direction of the ball straight to the basket, Wade's instincts told him that the ball into the box.

    Started to freak out! Lin Fei hung up! NFL jerseys cheap,Linfei before or do our best to help his teammates score, even they have not resorted to the effort.

    Wade made up his determination to fight in the end of the Lin Fei, and now he is also a kind of ecstasy. Heart is full of nothing more than how to transcend Lin Fei's score, the achievements of his team's victory. Wade from beyond the arc the ball this time, because the consecutive cut points momentum, Wade did not even wait until their teammates off the bit, directly on an accelerated rounded out inside Linfei this time firmly occupy Wade The breakthrough in the line. However, this is no good, Wade strong body, a ferocious speed, direct Linfei top fly, or the immediate concern of the basket, the referee did not see how, nor whistled. Top fly forest fly after Wade went straight to the basket, Keynes reappear in front of Wade, just slightly right in front of Wade, just look at Cairns this time to jump higher, single ball hand to cap Wade, Wade is how flexible air change hands so easily, directly to a large trolley again change to the left hand is very far from Cairns, the ball will score, because from the the basket is too close. But Wade the ball just shot, know that this be bad, Cairns just his right hand to block Wade's left-handed layup, but Wade switched to the right hand, Keynes left hand ah! Kane left hand aloft, the whole body slightly forward, put the ball in Wade left hand was caught behind.

    Warriors bench stood up clapping and cheering! So beautiful! Absolute Top Ten ball cap.

    This is Keynes is fiercely suppressed Wade arrogant arrogance. Aix-en-Zhisai Wade cap down the ball directly Aix-en-grab, grab the ball and dribble to Lin Fei, Lin Fei, a change of direction after a man again into the market before, or that the league has long been known to the action of the heart.

    But this time, Lin Fei did not give any opponent defensive opportunities, dribble into midfield, directly a remote shot archery on horseback, hit again.

    Then Wade try an outside shot, but was not able to hit, and Lin Fei staged a thousand miles Riding Alone for a good show again, this time dribbling to the three-point line, and an emergency stop, Zhang hand is a one-third.

    For a while, be considered to have a small end of. Wade 6 vote 4, scored 9 points, climax 4 from 4 in one go. Lin Fei is a 3-point shot three shots III scored nine points Linfei this time a small victory Wade. However, for the two teams,Coach handbags outlet, the two superstar showdown may only herald the official arrival of the climax of the game.