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Buying new dress shoes

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    @Juan I'm not set on AE shoes, I just noticed them so I was curious about their quality. I'm probably going to wait for a 40% sale on last call and nab those Magnanni shoes. Thanks for all the help you've given me.



      Those Magnanni's look great! I'm glad @LosRockets posted them because now I'm considering them for myself.



        The Magnanni's are a nice shoe and that's a good price. LastCall hasn't run a 40% off lately after what seemed to be every month in the spring so hopefully one comes up soon.

        Brian, there's a lot of good advice here but let me add a little more. There are few items I consider quality to be the #1 factor in purchasing. Whiskey, toilet paper, and shoes. Cheap clothing can still look great, but cheap shoes just look cheap, will not be durable, and can even hurt your feet. A quality pair of dress shoes can last you 10+ years if you care for them.

        Good luck!

        Dress for style, live for results.



          @tomservo adding to that list I'd say bed sHeets. Obviously not in college on a twinxl bed but I upgraded to some 500tc Egyptian cotton ones recently and its a world of difference. I wait for good sales (around $50 to 60) on highly rated queen sheet sets on overstock. Good investment.



            @tomservo: TP? time to upgrade to a Numi toilet.



              I can relate to the toilet paper thing. It's one of the first things I notice when I get home.



                @LosRockets: which sheets did you get? I've been on the hunt forever to find a comfy set. They are either too soft or pill too easily.

                (I want ones that are kind of smooth/cool feeling)



                  zerostyle, I find that the brand with the little blue bear generally gives a smooth and cool feeling. You may find that misting adds an additional level of coolness.



                    If you guys have access to a Costco, try the Kirkland Supima Cotton 540 thread count sheet set. I highly recommend it.




                      @zerostyle, I've got these: After 2 or 3 washes, they're not as shiny as they were when I first opened them, but they haven't pilled. I think they may be too soft for you though.