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Suitsupply Tuxedo, thoughts or a review?

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    Suitsupply Tuxedo, thoughts or a review?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any experience with the Suitsupply Tuxedo? It seems like it could be the best bang for your buck out there. I've read a bunch of really good reviews for their regular suits, on these forums and elsewhere, but no one has mentioned the tux.

    The peaked lapels seem gigantic. Is this style more acceptable for a tuxedo? Does it look better in person? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.,en_US,pd.html?start=29&cgid=Suits



    Tuxes typically come with two types of lapels, peaked, which are pretty massive and shawl, which are not and look incredibly unique. The big peaked lapels will look better when you're wearing it.

    Can't speak specifically to the suit supply tux but would echo that they make great quality suits and wouldn't expect the tuxedo to be anything less. They have good customer service so be sure to email them with any specific questions. Goood luck.

    Dress for style, live for results.



      Peak lapels or a shawl collar are fine for a Tuxedo, avoid notch lapels at all costs. In my personal opinion, I don't prefer silk for the accents and would look for satin or grosgrain instead. Have you taken a look at the 3-piece tuxedo from indochino? Again IMHO tuxedos look better with a vest and it's at the same price point as Suit Supply.



        Thanks for the responses,

        I definitely agree that peaked is a traditional option for a tuxedo. As it's going to be my only one for now, I figure that the peak is a better move than a shawl. Maybe I'll be able to spring for a midnight blue shawl-lapel when I have the disposable income/a place to wear it. I think the black, peak, is more versatile.

        From looking at some of the other peak lapel suits offered by suitsupply, they seem to trend towards overly large lapels ( ... wow), and i wasn't sure if tuxedo peak lapels tended to be bigger than a regular suit. I have a suit with peaked lapels that I like (Lauren Ralph Lauren, I've had it tailored) and they are much, much smaller than those on the tuxedo.

        As for the indochino option, thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately I'm on a fairly short timetable (3 weeks or so), and will have the option to try the suitsupply tux on in-store shortly. I haven't ordered from indochino before (next suit, possibly, unless I fall in love with suitsupply), and don't think it would be smart to mess with it when I have a deadline.



          Do it up!

          What's the deadline?



            Deadline is the 21st of September. I'm getting back to DC in two weeks and am excited to check out the new Georgetown location. Hopefully the tux won't need too much alteration, but if it needs a bit of work done my tailor can usually get something minor done within a week.

            I'm a tall guy, with an athletic build (6'4", 200), but slender. A bit nervous about overpowering peak lapels. I hope the suitsupply tux looks good, if not I'm going to be scrambling. Or stuck wearing my burner tux I bought in an emergency abroad. Black Tie event, nobody rents tuxedos, broke. this beauty is a THREE button, fake silk notch lapel, tux. It was horribly awesome. I've been using it for costumes ever since. It didn't look too bad actually...



              Not sure why all the hate on notch lapels -- while not ideal or traditional for formalwear, so long as your tux is tailored properly, likely you're all in black and it's relatively dim lighting, it'll do just fine and much better than guys wearing pre-tied bowties and wondering when they need to get their rental tux back to the store the next day.

              I have a notch Jos A Bank one that I got a couple years back that I actually get tons of compliments on, even when I'm out with gentlemen who make my salary 10x (or more) over.

              Cliff's Notes: Fit, fit, fit.


              Random aside: The shoe laces on the model in the Suit Supply pictures are hilarious. Looks like he realized he didn't have laces in his patents and so he took them off his hiking boots.


                Ryan88, just searched and saw this thread. I too am on a short timeline to buy a tux and saw the Suit Supply option this weekend. A 38R off the rack is just about perfect, but those wide lapels make me a little nervous too. Did you end up purchasing it? Thoughts?


                  On a side note I have a black tie wedding in June. I went the dappered route and checked out the JF Ferrar shawl collar tuxedo at JCP. Gonna give it a go for $89 can't beat it. Should have it in a Few days to give it a review. I couldn't justify buying a tux that cost more than all my suits put together.