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    Personal Stylist / Personal Shopper

    It appears J. Crew has picked up the Personal Stylist appointment system for men and women, both in stores and by phone, with Free Shipping for orders made using the service.

    I know it is fairly common over in Europe at places like Topman and Uniqlo to offer Personal Styling appointments where a store stylist will pick out a few looks for you to try on. They are free appointments and you have no obligation to purchase anything they pick for you. Generally, from what I've heard, they are well-trained on trends, conversations with customers about personal style, and are taught how to visually guess customer's sizes.

    Here's an example of a Topman appointment:

    And the same guy at a Uniqlo appointment:

    Apparently they will keep up with you in the database to make your sizes on-record for future appointments at J. Crew.

    I know places like Banana Republic and J. Crew already try to help pick things for you if you want them to in the stores, but this is a more substantial appointment-based meet up. Do any other US/UK brands or stores do something similar? Any experience trying these services?

    Any plans to try this out with them?


    Any of the major department stores offer this service usually they are free as well, Neimen, Saks, Nordstrom, etc. Just have to let them know you want a dedicated shopper for a time slot.

    I haven't used one, but would consider it at a department store where there is a good variety of brand options, if I was doing a full season outfit. This could be helpful if you have looks you are trying to mimic, you can show them, and they will know exactly what options to bring out. More of a time saver from casually working with a floor associate.

    Edit: One other possible benefit, a personal shopper will also help you try on looks/pieces you may have never considered or thought would work on you, could be a way to expand if you are finding your outfits are all starting to look similar.


      I'm reviving this. I'm still curious about anyone who uses these services or has tried it and can share about why they would or would not do it again.


        I'm itching to try the Topman downtown in Chicago. I kind of liked the UK YouTube video linked to above (especially outfit #3). I hope the US shopping assistant is more charismatic than the one shown in that video, though...


          I'd be interested to try something like that out. Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy whole outfits or large amounts of clothes at one time. I usually go in to a store to buy 1 or 2 things at a time and most likely have already checked them out on the internet. I know that you are under no obligation to buy anything but I wouldn't want to waste their time. As a retail worker myself, I understand how annoying it is to work with a customer just to have them walk out without buying anything.