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Potential AE Strand defect - keep or worth returning for new pair

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    Potential AE Strand defect - keep or worth returning for new pair

    Just wore my new (bought 2 weeks ago) strands for the 3-4th time, and was going to polish them when I noticed what appears to be a small defect on the sides of the shoes. Without knowing what is probably the proper term, the stitching/perforation of the leather as it moves down the side towards the sole has excess leather for the last inch or so, instead of the clean stitch the rest of the shoe has. Here are examples, 3 and 4 are most noticeable where I think the excess leather might even be fraying a bit??:

    My fault for not inspecting the shoe more thoroughly in store (fit was spot on), is this something worth returning over, or just a natural character of the shoe?


    From what I see in the picture is the stitching

    messed up or is the stitching fine but the pointy

    parts just sticking up? I do not have an issue w/

    my Strands.

    Is the issue on the inside or outside of the shoe?

    and how picky are you w/ your things?

    For me if it is on the inside then I would just try

    to see what I could do to clean it up a little. As

    long as it fits the way you want it, I wouldn't worry.

    However, if the fit is off and you just can't get past

    it then I would take it back to store you bought it


    AE's customer support is amazing so they also may be

    able to assist you.



      I will apologize for Allen Edmonds endlessly, but I must say that looks like a defect. If you didn't buy them as factory seconds, I would exchange them.



        Take em back. If you're paying top dollar for quality, you shouldn't have to settle.



          Yes that appears to me a small defect, but one that should have put those into the "seconds" bin. Exchange.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            Seems incredibly picky to me, but to each his own.

            Many steps of the AE shoemaking process are carried out by machines, but fed by hand. As such, these types of small defects are bound to happen quite frequently. That wouldn't bother me at all and would hardly be worth the effort of returning.



              if you have to blow up the picture CSI style its probably too picky personally id just keep it



                WAY too picky. I've looked at dozens of AE shoes in the past few months, and the broguing details are always weird. That's tiny and not noticeable at all.

                I can't tell from the picture - but is that on the inside or outside of the shoe? If inside, no one will ever see it anyway.

                Keep the shoes and stop overthinking things.