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    What do you drive

    Does your car match your style? I don't recall a thread like this in the past and thought it might be fun. I love cars but a few unreliable choices have lead me to cherish reliability over style and speed. Also having two little children means that we need more room then a sports car will allow.

    Me: 2006 Scion xA

    This car was bought new and has 85k miles on it. It has been extremely reliable needing nothing more then gas, oil changes, one new set of brake pads, and wiper blades. It is a little tight with two rear facing car seats in it, but I rarely have the girls in the car.

    My Wife: 2011 Ford Escape 2.5 XLT

    We bought this as a leftover 2011 last November and got a deal on it. The truck is reliable and large enough for our needs. It is plenty quick and loves to soak up highway miles while returning close to 30 MPG.

    We tend to keep cars until their wheels fall off but if we have a third child we are going to get either a new Explorer or Flex. At that point I will drive the Escape. Other options are a fun car for me like a Boxster or Miata to supplement my daily driver, but my wife wants a bigger house first.


    I drive a 2009 Trek 7.2 FX, with added mudguards.



      2000 VW Jetta and 2012 Dodge Caravan (got 2 kids, and it's so nice for that). My wife and I have no pretensions of winning any style awards for our wheels.



        Me: Had a 2001 Mustang Convertible (v6 model :P)....traded that in via accident forgiveness for a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Oz Rally...a very meh car good for gas mileage though. Does not match me at all, I'm more of a Muscle Car(challenger, camaro, corvette) or more steamlined: Skyline, CTS-V coupe, R8 kinda guy

        and a 2007 ZX6-R Crotch rocket which is more me

        I'm paying for a 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS right now though for my Ex/Baby mamma until next year, awesome AWD along with features on that.

        IMO: Do yourself a favour and don't buy a miata...unless it's for your wife! Amazing cars but they are very strongly associated as a female car. I believe it was top gear that even did a top 10 greatest cars and had the miata on there with it's superb handling wit the 50/50 weight distribution etc...but one guy even said "Would I drive it? No! But it's an amazing handling car" and yada yada



          Nothing. Thought about a Miata but opted against it for the reasons shad0w gave. Wanted an S2000 but they're so much more expensive, hard to justify especially going into winter. Really like older Italian convertibles too but they're hard to find without having to travel far and wide. So for now public transit and my bike



            2010 370z



              Usually a 2011 Prius, bright yellow. Sometimes an older town car, if I'm in a rush.





                2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee -- I'm not a middle aged soccer mom in 2001, so it doesn't really fit my style. If I had money I'd probably have a 2013 Scion FR-S although I'm 100% sure it wouldn't fit my personal style.



                  2005 Z71 Tahoe for me, 2011 Volvo XC90 for the wife. My Tahoe is on the way out the door (next 6 months or so) and will probably be replaced by a newer version of the same thing.

                  So does it match my style, maybe. Somewhat understated in my opinion, but also big and obnoxious when the time calls for it.




                    But if I could, I'd probably drive one of James Bond's cars. Or this:



                      @shadow The girl car comment on the Miata is far from the truth. Go out to a local autocross track day and you will see many men driving them.

                      I actually wrote a piece on the Miata for Dappered that likely won't be published all about the Miata.



                        And a 1999 Ford Ranger to haul crap around.

                        Also a 2000 Triumph TT600. Need to get a newer bike. Well a job first, then newer bike.

                        5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



                          I'm not a car guy. I have an 07 Civic Hybrid that I bought after owning a gas guzzling mid 90's F250 for several years.

                          Dress for style, live for results.



                            Redford is that a Grand National? I am thoroughly envious.

                            I drive an 05 Subaru Legacy as the daily driver/grocery getter.

                            Sometimes you may see me in a Zipcar.



                              Me: 2006 Volvo XC90 T5 AWD

                              Her: 2007 Ford Fusion V6 SLE

                              Both bought used, and both have been extremely reliable.