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    I recently took advantage of the Ratio shirt deal (x2), and was thinking about using them on two of the Campus Oxfords ( ), a white one and a blue one.

    Would it be strange to have an OCBD with a seamless placket and no pocket? I like the idea of a more simple look, but I've never come across one like that so there may be too much of a disconnect between that style and the very nature of the shirt. Thoughts?

    Also, since I have measurements similar to: XL arms, L shoulders, M chest, S waist, I was going to measure one of my custom shirts from Indochino that fits well and ask Ratio to recreate the fit; should I order first with the style choices and then email them with the measurements, or email them first?



    I suppose it depends on the fabric. Most 'oxford' cloth that I've encountered has been a soft but heavier and thus seemingly more casual material. I have a very casual plaid calvin klein shirt with no placket and it doesn't look unusual, but I suspect that's because of the pattern.

    When I think white shirt with no placket or pocket, I'm thinking dress shirt, so the heavier cloth and button-down collar might be unusual. Pinpoint or 'Royal' oxford cloth would probably be more suitable.

    I'm sure most would say hubris, but if you like the look then you might as well go for it. Most people aren't going to notice. I'd never wear a white shirt without a jacket anyway LOL.



      I would say no pocket is fine. I wouldn't do a seamless placket on an OCBD. OCBDs are meant to be casual. A seamless placket is formal.

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        Agree with Greg on this one. I personally go without a pocket on my dress shirts from Ratio, but would put a pocket on an OCBD, even if I planned on tucking it in all the time and using for casual friday attire, etc.

        For your measurements, I would put them in the "comments" section when you're checking out. Eric is great about getting you what you need, so he'll likely email you about it (or even ask he email you in the comments). I would also order 1 shirt first. Given your non-OTR frame, I imagine you'll wind up needing a remake of some sort. I had a remake of my first (started with a slim fit, but moved to a classic that was 'manually' taken in in the chest and body bc the slim fit arms were too tight).

        Once Eric gets the fit though, I've gotten additional shirts that fit great with the same information from the first shirt we got right. Smooth sailing from there.



          Yeah seamless placket won't look right. Pocket is your choice.

          Dress for style, live for results.



            For some reason I thought the Ratio deal would still be going on this week (thought it ended at the end of this week) and I just saw it is no longer available. Heartbroken. Had to do some budgeting over the weekend to see if I could make it work but alas, it was not to be....

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