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What would you buy with $250?

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    If you don't need anything now, I would just wait until Black Friday. Your $250 turns into closer to $500.

    I totally understand the urge to spend it though! A $250 gift card would be burning a hole in my pocket.



      @Ian - might be the best idea yet! Save it for now, and possibly double my money during Black Friday/Holidays. Even if I got and extra 30% out of it, that is quite the return.



        I would save it until there's something that you "gotta have" comes up. It's hard when you feel like you have money burning a hole in your wallet not to act impulsively.

        I would use it towards a splurge purchase, if there was something big you wouldn't otherwise get. For me, it would be towards camera gear, like a Canon L series lens.

        Of course, the last big gift card I got, I used it towards paying my month's cell phone bill and filling up gas a few times.



          Unfortunately, gas is becoming a luxury as well. Might have something left over for slim jim though!



            Found a crack in the wall, so to speak.

            Could do with a nice trench coat/mac jacket.

            I am in DC, so I would need a fairly versatile one that could be used for spring/fall weather.

            Looks like a great layering piece to have.

            Any suggestions?