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New GAP oxford shirts

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    New GAP oxford shirts

    I went into GAP yesterday and checked out there new modern oxford shirts.

    The fit seems much better( less baggier in waist ) than last year and the colors are also very nice with a pale blue and white being the standard bearers. Has anybody tried this yet, what are your impressions? How do they hold up in the wash?


    I have the light blue. They're available in XSmall, which is quite rare for oxford shirts. They are really nice, but still could use some tailoring in the waist.

    I washed mine about three times now, still holding on. I might order another one in white.



      Picked up a small and it fits me the same way, Jessy. Extra-small fits me very trim in the body but not in the arms.

      I'm debating keeping it, as I don't know how involved it will be to have it taken in as much as I would like.

      Club Monaco has very similar oxfords with a trimmer fit but shorter collar. Cost is slightly higher.



        The fit around the waist would be a dealbreaker for me. Way too much fabric and bunching for my tastes.



          I don't have a Club Monaco nearby and I can't order online because I'm in Quebec, so for now, Gap oxfords + tailoring bill it is.



            We all make do. Please let me know what adjustments you wind up getting done to make it work. If I know my tailor well enough she would want to separate the yoke, take out the box pleat and potentially dart it - might be more trouble than it's worth!



              Based on previous thread I just read on untuckit many dont want to hear this but I have 5 oxford in small from untuckit and they are awesome great fit width and length



                I don't think the above photo is a fair presentation of the GAP oxford. i have two, and quite like mine. I find the material to be good and the cut to be trim as well. It is referred to as "modern" and definitely has a tailored shape.

                crap. sorry for the size



                  I went to GAP on Saturday and after trying one on, immediately purchased three colors. I'm not quite as trim as you guys, but these shirts fit me perfectly. Just tailored enough, without pulling at the buttons at all. I'd recommend these highly.



                    Yeah, I'm a very slim individual. Every shirt looks like this on me.

                    Really looks better on you, Margotron.



                      Magotron what size are you (chest, arms, neck) and what size did you end up buying?



                        Are we talking pumped?

                        41" chest

                        32" waist

                        15" neck

                        34/35" arms (15.5" if you must know...)

                        Too. Skinny.



                          @Margotron Too skinny? I wish I was your size. And what's the size of your shirt ?



                            Thanks Jessy. The size is a Large. I am also 6'4, which usually means I need ultra trim stuff. These shirts arent ultra trim, but they do fit me pretty well. Nonetheless, my goal is to put on maybe 20 pounds this fall....and spring. Slowly heh

                            (notice i skipped winter. bay area)



                              Margotron, I'm fairly close to your size, minus the height (I'm just a hair (literally) under 6 ft.). I normally wear mediums. You had to size up in these?