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To my dappered Steve McQueen motorcyclist...recommend a leather jacket..

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    To my dappered Steve McQueen motorcyclist...recommend a leather jacket..

    Haven't seen anyone talk about it, and there's got to be some riders in here. Now that the summer is just about done, we get some great fall riding in,love the cool riding weather.

    What leather jacket do you own,wear,ride in? I usally ride in just a t-shirt,so any jacket wilol be better than that. I dont want the power ranger look, I dont want a jacket that makes it look like I'm sponsored,exxon gas, red bull. Looking for a nice,classic, good looking, realatively inexpensive jacket.

    Now ofcourse a motorcylce made leather jacket is gonna have some back,elbow, and shoulder padding, but not all do. Also they'll have some air vents,adjustable sleeves and waist band. But they dont all look so good. What about a normal leather jacket not exactly made for riding,but still leather. I see some nice "moto" inspired leather jackets here and there. Almost bout a CK leather from Macy's the other day, but didnt. Would love to get a Dianese moto jacket and stay true to the riding side, just can't make up my mind....

    Here's some Dianese I like,a little pricey though

    And heres the CK I mentioned,Gap has one very similar to this one. Click link,jacket number 4

    What ya think???


    Your grammar is seriously perplexing.



      loL..,,,;;gLad this isN't a resume tHEN?

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        WTF. Anyway, to your question, I like the CK one the best of the ones you posted. However, I don't ride so I have no idea of whether you need to wear a "real" motorcycle jacket for protection.



          Well.... okay then. I vote for the jacket with the most padding and a helmet to match, but then again you do sound like a very safe motorcycle rider.



            Forgot to mention these guys,

            The CAF1, 644, 141, also look good. A little pricey,but a look cheaper then human skin/skin grafts.



              I like Schott 141.



                Do not get yourself a "fashion" jacket, get something that will actually protect yourself. Non one will care how pretty you look when you become a vegetable or in the case of my friend, a paraplegic. You're going to want to make sure that the jacket has CE armor, preferably level 2, especially in the back since if you damage your spine, things don't end well. CE armor in the shoulders and elbows is good as well.

                Perforated leather is generally recommended as you're more likely to wear it in a larger temperature range and we like to say "the best gear is the gear you'll wear." Your $400 jacket won't do a thing for you if you're not wearing it because it was too hot. Many jackets come with a removable liner to help you adjust for different temperature ranges. If you live in a hotter area, modern mesh and textile will protect you but generally isn't re-useable after one accident. I generally ride anywhere between 40F and 100F and I find my perforated leather works great. Above 80F make sure to wear some moisture wicking clothing underneath.

                I would trust any of those Dainese jackets you've listed above to protect me but only with the addition of a CE level 2 back insert. It does however look like none of them are perforated so I'd look at some of Dainese's other offerings or other brands such as Alpinestars or RS Taichi. As far as fit goes, Dainese and RS Taichi generally fit people that are slim to extra slim. Alpinestars is good for slim fit to regular fit depending on the model.

                I personally rock the Alpinestars Stage jacket (picked it up for about $250 a few years ago) with a SAS-tec CE level 2 back insert ($45) and the Alpinestars track pants (about $200 on ebay).

                5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



                  Thanks for the pointer redford. Sorry to hear bout your friend. I've got two friends who, luckily lost only a leg, luckily, cause they could have lost thier lives.

                  Dont know much about RS Taichi,will definetly look into them. I really want a Dainese, only one store close to me sells them. Good to hear the fit extra slim to slim people,like myself. Watching FIM SBK on speed tv right now and a rider goes down,wet track.



                    The Dainese are nice but I hardly think the black logo avoids the overly branded problem. Schott definitely seem to fit the bill, also check out the Roland Sands jackets.



                      Do the store a favor and buy from them, I think it's pretty hard to get Dainese at a discount online. They're a great brand but you certainly pay for the name. Who cares about logos? No one can read what they say when you're going fast Also you can probably remove them in most cases but keep in mind they may cover up seams. If you want real nice custom stuff you can also look into Vanson. I have a few friends that have custom suits by them that cost ~$1000 although they don't look as high tech as Dainese but they will certainly hold up well in a crash.

                      5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



                        I like those Roland Sands jackets. First time I hear about them.



                          I have two jackets and think it is worth the investment. Don't get shoddy gear that you can't trust. First, I picked up a Fieldsheer textile jacket that is awesome. I wear it year round but really shines in the summer with its ventilation. After zipping up the vents and popping the liner back in, its great with a sweater underneath down into the 30s. My bike (maybe thankfully?) didn't like starting when it was that cold but it gets to be uncomfortable at temps that cold without heated gear or accessories, particularly extremities. My trunk always stayed warm but hands and feet iced over in no time. Anyway, I picked it up for a great price on clearance. Technology doesn't really change year to year so pick up an older model and you'll be fine they mostly just change color patterns and such.

                          After I saved up a bit, I got an Alpinestars stunt 2 leather jacket. Its perforated in the shoulder area, but not throughout the entire jacket. Ideal for fall thru early spring but still bust it out occasionally in the summer. They don't make it anymore (again just changed the name and design and charge nearly $400) but recommend Alpinestars gear.

                          One thing to note is that the A* stuff comes in Euro sizes and is more precise than Fieldsheer's S,M,L... . Also, A* gear is meant to be as form fitting as a leather suit would be at the track. If you like roomy, size up. If you have a gut, size up. If you plan on layering underneath the jacket, size up. You get the idea.

                          Go with a real moto jacket, not a fashion one. Ride safe.



                            I'm still saving up for a leather jacket from Fox Creek Leather. Can't go wrong with Schott either.

                            If you're going to get a jacket from a bike store, I definitely 2nd Don's advice about getting last year's model. They'd never admit it, but even legit riding gear has a "fashion". The functionality doesn't change.

                            The fashion leather jackets are usually made out of thinner genuine leather. They look great. They move better. They're more comfortable. They will absolutely disintegrate in the event of a fall.



                              Thanks for all the replies. I might have to take a trip to NYC soon,found a store that claims they carry the most Schott jackets. Think its a thrist store. Being so skinny and haveing long arms, makes it a little harder to find a good fitting riding jacket. Really feeling Schott,Roland Sands, and Dianese. Now have to find some near me so I can try them on and make a final decision.