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    Style recommendations for an upcoming trip to Vegas? Need smart casual clothing during the day, pool wear, and dinner/club wear. Any suggestions appreciated!

    Dinner/club -- We're going to nice dinners and great clubs (XS/marquee). I've never been to these types of clubs -- what do people wear?

    Suggestions for day time and pool wear? Its been 7-8 yrs since I've been to Vegas!


    Have a good time!

    I'd go James Bond at the pool. Perhaps a cheaper version of this is out there, unless you don't mind investing in a Vegas splurge.

    A bit of inspiration from an elder Bond perhaps.

    More Thunderball pool and beachwear in this gallery of movie stills



      I'm jealous, I was there in May good times,want to go back asap. You'll see people wearing all types of things. Some will look like they own the place some will look like they lost everything at this place. I started a lil thread on this topi,so I;m just repeating my self, and cannon left some good links.

      For the clubs/bars I just went with brown/cognac wingtip lace ups, dark blue/dressier jeans,button down and a blazer. Even got a compliment by some cute girl on the shoes(she was with her man too, and he had on those clasic black leather square toes shoes haha)

      During the day, I stayed by the pool for the most parrt, so board shorts/bathing suit, boat shoes, and a tank top. Walking around casino jeans boats/converse and a clean v-neck. It got really hot in May,so the tank top,shorts was nice to have on the strip when the sun was at its worst.

      Your in Vegas, try to rock something you might not at home...get a lil crazy but stay comfortable & cool. Enjoy the trip and dont sweat the money you'll spend too much. It Vegas and a vacation,f'it. Have fun!



        There are a lot of Vegas threads from prior trips by posters -- search the threads and you'll prob get ideas faster since most people don't check the board on the weekends.



          I'm in Vegas this weekend... And I'm only 20. No Vespers, no blackjack. Should be awesome, nonetheless.

          "Roy Rogers on the rocks. Shaken, not stirred."