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Quick feedback on outfit for tonight please?

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    Quick feedback on outfit for tonight please?

    I posted this in WIWT but I think the board moves faster than that thread. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this, was thinking of wearing it to a dinner party tonight. Worried about the patterns on the jacket and pants, and if I should just switch to a plain white shirt and dark denim instead. I'm trying trying something new here with the jacket and pants and I don't know if it's working or not.


    In case you're curious:

    Blazer: Murano Linen ($50!)

    Shirt: Tommy slim fit

    Pants: bonobos boardwalks:

    The pants still need to be hemmed. I was either going to wear a pair of dark brown boat shoes or my walnut players


    I like the jacket and the pants, but not together. To me, they are too similar in color and in visual texture (i.e. the size and boldness of the pattern).

    The blue shirt is fine, but I'd go with the dark denim if I were you. Walnut wingtips would look great with that combo if you want to attract a bit of attention, while the boat shoes will be a little more subtle.




      I posted this over in WIWT but keep the blue shirt, change the pants.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        Awesome thanks guys, I was feeling similarly about the pants and I'm glad you could confirm!



          personally i think it works since the pant stripes are vertical and pretty thin. i like it with the blue shirt, match the shoes(players) and belt and you are ready to go. i cant tell from the pic if you have a chest pocket on the blazer but if it does a white pocket square would work. of course if you have to have the pants hemmed today it might be alot easier to go with the denim and white shirt, which would also look good.



            I'd also change the pants. I don't think the striping is a problem, I think the color just doesn't doesn't work as well with everything. Denim or chinos would look good I think.



              LosRockets, The sport coat, shirt, and pants are all very bland. That outfit is the porridge of color combinations. Try adding some color and contrast somewhere.