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    Create My Wardrobe (Fall)

    I will let you guys help mold my wardrobe. Fall is coming up and I have next to nothing as far as Wardrobe goes. I get paid next week and plan on picking up some clothes. So make a list. What should I pick up?

    Keep in mind.

    I work retail (Old Navy) which means casual but I don't have to wear there clothes or a goofy uniform.

    I will probably wear more casual. I live in Louisville, Kentucky I love to work, hike, etc. I'm more gritty then dappered. But I do try to balance the too

    Here's what I need:








    Etc (Scarves, anything else you think I might need)

    The Stores at My Disposal

    I work at the mall here is the stores that are in it

    Old Navy


    JC Pennys


    Pac Sun

    American Eagel



    (There tons of shoe stores so any shoe that can be found in a store it's there)

    If this picks up I may take some pics

    p.s I am Average height weight. A little big in the shoulders, but I'm over all completely average.

    p.p.s I do work at Old Navy try to stay low on the budget


    If shoes are an essential I would go with Clarks DB's, Beeswax is my fav color, but you can really go with any of the neutrals. They can be more dressy when worn with trousers or rock them with jeans for casual wear. You can find em on ebay for less than $100.



      In addition to Albert's post, Banana Republic sells the DBs in select colors and they frequently have 30% or 40% off sales, so they can be had for 60 dollars shipped.



        I work in a more casual environment also. In the fall I wear a lot of things from Gap and BR. I wear a variety of chinos and cords, mostly from Gap, for pants with a dark Jean thrown in. Also, I really like the plaid casual button ups and long sleeve waffle knit thermals at Gap for shirts. BR sales are great for sweaters, especially cardigans. I know you didn't list gap and BR but I'm guessing you can get a discount and score some serious sale deals online.

        What's the fall and winter weather like in Louisville?

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          Louisville is full of extremes it is usually real wet around fall but does get chilli too. I do get 50% off at Gap and BR but they are quiet far from my house.

          By the way I just want to thank you guys on your suggestions. I posted a similar thread on a different Style forum. They were quiet rude and offensive, with post like.

          "This sounds like you are asking us to do all the work for you with no real direction, amirite?"

          Very Snobby. I guess too Snobby for my taste.



            If you get 50% off at BR, I'd keep an eye open there for any sales going on. If you can hit an extra 50% off a sale price that's totally worth it.



              BeefCake, you have come to the right place my friend. If i were you, i would go to the Gap and Banana becasue that 50% your getting off will more than make up for the gas or mileage you will incur. As Albert has mentioned Clarks DB all the way for the fall. In terms of jackets i would get an indigo jean jacket, since they are apparently ala mode you can find them anywhere. Do you have a LEC in your Sears, if so, you have hit the mother load, head there and look for chinos and jeans all can be had for cheap. and since you work at ON, check out their unlined blazers. Get a belt that matches the DB, like a dark burnt caramel belt, try going to American Eagle for it. Tshirts, go to Target and get the Merona or Sonoma Athletic cut t's in various colors, they fit very well. I will assume sockets are socks, if so, Target will have those as well. Remeber, fit is paramount try everything on and look at yourself in the mirror, if your used to baggy clothes, fitted clothes will feel awkward at first but after 1 wearing you will notice the difference. Happy Hunting Man! Cheers!

              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                my favorite cheap basics:

                Merona T's (target)

                Merona dress shirts

                Clarks Bushacres (same as desert boots, but cheaper and a rubber sole)

                Levis 514s, dark blue

                dockers D1s (you can often stack codes on these at the kohls website and are frequently on a regular sale too)

                Jacket- Go to thrift stores if you mean sport coat. If not, old navy sold me a good military jacket last year

                sockets- hardware store

                banana hammock- you are on your own for this one



                  If you're looking for tshirts, I would go with the Target Mossimo over Merona. Mossimo v-necks are much more fitted and athletic looking. Can't really speak for Merona, but they just seem like conventional loose sleeved shirts to me.

                  This assumes that your "average" build doesn't include an average gut. I'm not sure what you mean by "big" shoulders, but if you mean wide then you should be ok.

                  If you'd like something more lose, then ON v-necks seem to fit a little looser on me while still looking pretty good.

                  If you get 50% off at Gap, I'd maybe look at some of their jeans. Picked up a pair of their straight legged jeans about a month ago on sale. Can't stop wearing them.